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Thread: Bane's trap for Storm Spirit. (Storm Arcana backstory)

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    Bane's trap for Storm Spirit. (Storm Arcana backstory)

    Continually thwarted in battle, Bane devised a plan to rid himself of Storm for good. He cannot kill the spirit but he can torment him in an endless nightmare that Storm cannot be awoken from.

    Bane sets a trap, lying in wait in a secluded rose garden that Storm is arrogantly known to admire. Caught in Bane's Nightmare, Storm is trapped for all eternity of unspeakable horrors (watching 'Teletubbie' reruns and 'Niki Manaj, Anaconda' on repeat). For centuries within this nightmare Storm loses his mind, loses himself, he becomes so dark and twisted, and totally unrecognizable that it breaks the spell of Bane's nightmare.

    Disfigured, Gaunt and griped by a newfound resolve, the new Storm Spirit sets out for revenge against his nemesis. With nothing more than a memory of what he once was. The fun loving Aladdin Genie he was is gone, the new Storm is tormented and driven only for revenge.
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