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Thread: [suggestion] ways to nerf Tinker

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    [suggestion] ways to nerf Tinker

    currently tinker can keep using soul ring to reduce heavy 300 rearm mana cost.

    with 1500 mana, tinker can rearm lv 3, soulring and hex with vyse a hero 7x ~ 24.5 seconds disable.
    with 2700 mana, this can be repeated 12x for a whopping 12 x 3.5 seconds ~ 42 seconds disable.
    refilling 1500 mana at fountain takes about 10 seconds. with bottle the time is halved to about 5-6 seconds.

    if a tinker rearm dagon 5 that's fine as it can be countered with blademail, bkb, or lotus.
    but I think its silly if tinker doesn't cast any damage skills and simply keep disabling your hero with vyse, eul, and soul ring, rearm 7-12x for 25 seconds - 42 seconds? tp back to fountain, comes back in 10-15 seconds and repeat for another 25-42 seconds? what do you do during that time? just watch your hero toyed around because you dont have the right counter items? forcing teamfight when your team is in a losing position at 40 min because you couldnt push early? this makes the game very difficult and unbalanced, even with BKB, orchid etc?

    i hope developers can find ways to make tinker balanced. here are some examples:
    1) add % mana cost to rearm like storm spirit ultimate. e.g. 100/200/300 + 8% current mana. at least this will reduce spamming rearm to around 5x instead of 7x.
    2) add negative buff Overheated / Exhaustion if rearm used too much in a short time. Overheat / exhaustion debuff also temporarily reduce maximum mana by 150 for 15 seconds. Hence if rearm casted 7x within 15 seconds, you'll only have 500 mana at level 18 to work with the next 105 seconds, which i think is fair enough, considering each debuff only lasted 15 seconds. during this time tinker still can play safe and march to farm. Plus soul ring bypass this effect, so you will always have at least 150 mana.
    3) similar to 2) but mana cost removed completely and replaced by Overheated / Exhaustion debuff.
    4) add 5 charges to rearm. fixed cooldown 25 seconds.
    5) whatever it is, i hope developers can find a way to make rearm hex etc fixed to around 5x instead of 7-12x or unlimited amount of time if a tinker had bloodstone? thanks for reading

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