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Thread: [suggestion] rework banning phase in RANKED ALL PICK similar to Captains mode

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    [suggestion] rework banning phase in RANKED ALL PICK similar to Captains mode

    Banning phase of RANKED ALL PICK should be reworked to be similar to Captains mode since current tournaments use CM mode so it'll make more sense to make ranked all pick similar.
    The difference would be that ALL 5 players can assume the captain role for BANNING, but only allowed to pick THEIR own hero. for example, whoever click fastest gets to decide to BAN.
    Similar rule applies. 15 seconds to pick / ban or team will lose gold.

    Suggest pick etc still available, so this will improve the quality, teamwork, synergy and understanding of the game, as well as collecting important match data for balance and tournament purposes in captain's mode.
    Other advantages could be
    1) Familiarise players to Captains mode layout. Less confusion for new players to tournament style.
    2) Let players gain experience to counter pick / ban. interests to play captain's mode for players who wished more time / take leadership role as highest rank in team. Isn't it funny if you're the highest rank yet clueless about which heroes to ban / counter pick? Currently it takes too long to find / finish drafting a CM game too.
    3) Fast paced captains mode style in ranked all pick will reduce current banning flaw in all pick mode. Less players grieving / complaining / reporting.

    thanks for reading

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