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Thread: Pause Screen Tip Suggestions

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    Using Manta Style gives the user a very brief period of invulnerability, which if timed correctly gives the ability to dodge even spells that can't be avoided otherwise.

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    I think this tip in-game should be changed : Monkey king bar will grant you True Strike , which prevents enemy heroes from evading your attacks even when attacking uphill . True strike does not work on buildings .
    Instead of telling players about true strike mechanic (that only ember talent now has) tell them about monkey king bars passive pierce for example that works almost the same as accuracy mechanic
    Monkey king bar grants you a passive Pierce that will prevent your enemies from evading your attacks with a 75% chance along with a 100 bonus magical damage from the pierce. Pierce effect does not work on enemy structures .

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    > This tip currently exists, but armour was changed to be 1 armour per 6 agility, so 1 agility should give 0,17 armour.

    Shouldn't it be 0.16?
    7.13: Reduced armor per agility from 0.17 (1/6) to 0.16.

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    Strength: 0.08% magic res, 18 health, and 0.55% health regen amp
    Agility: 0.16 armor, 0.05% movement speed, and 1 attack speed
    Intelligence: 0.07% spell damage amp, 12 mana, and 1.8% mana regen amp

    No more fractions like (1/6) are used.

    Also, another loading screen tip related to attributes: Your hero gains 25% more stats from each primary attribute point than other heroes do, except for the attack damage bonus, which is always 1 per point.

    Strength heroes get 0.1% magic res, 22.5 health, and 0.69% health re gen amp
    Agility heroes get 0.2 armor, 0.063% movement speed, and 1.25 attack speed
    Intelligence heroes get 0.088% spell daamge amp, 15 mana, and 2.25% mana regen amp
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    "Scan will not detect enemies inside Roshan's pit."

    "If you are dying too quickly to use an important skill in team fights, consider buying an Aeon Disk."

    "Often, the basic dispel provided by Lotus Orb is more important than reflecting a skill - consider saving Echo Shell if the enemy has important debuffs that can be removed with it."

    "Your main inventory has six slots, but you can also store (but not use) additional items in your backpack (the bottom three slots)."

    "Items cooldown at half the rate when not in your main inventory."

    "You can move items to and from your backpack when needed, but, unless you are near a shop, they will be inactive for six seconds."
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    "It's definitely cool to play DotA 2. But do not forget that sometimes you need to take a walk."

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    "If you crash when loading Underhollow, too bad, because we can't help you."

    "Remember that you're playing a video game with other human beings."

    "The goal of DOTA2 is to destroy the opponents Ancient."

    "Being nice to other players will improve your chances of winning."
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    Quote Originally Posted by pandevich View Post
    "It's definitely cool to play DotA 2. But do not forget that sometimes you need to take a walk."
    There's a similar tip already: "Remember to stand up and stretch between matches." (dota_tip_universal_19)

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    "You can assign both normal cast and quickast to an item slot"

    "You can aggro creeps even when there are no heroes nearby by right clicking an hero in other lanes"

    "Creeps have an aggro range of 500 and have a cooldown of 2 seconds"

    "It's a good time to push when Siege creeps spawn every 5th minute"

    "It's possible to win vs Mega creeps"

    "You can reset tower aggro by right clicking a friendly unit"

    "Smokes are used to bypass wards and to disjoint projectiles when enemy units are not near"

    "It's good to pop a dust if smoke pops and there isn't any hero nearby"

    "TP Behind Trees where enemy doesn't see the TP"

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    Maybe a bit silly, but "Did your teammate just pull off a great play? Don't hesitate to compliment them!"

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