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Thread: Pause Screen Tip Suggestions

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    Pause Screen Tip Suggestions

    With the return of the loading screen tips, now displayed during pause, we'd like to add some more tips to that list. These tips can either be general gameplay advice, which are randomly selected from, or tied to a specific hero so the tip will only appear if that hero is actually present in the game. We'd like to educate not only players new to Dota, but also highlight some of the less well known corners of Dota gameplay depth that experienced players may not be aware of.

    If anyone has suggestions for tips you'd like to see in the pause screen, please post them here. Thank you!

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    Thanks for putting this request out to the community. Not sure if this has been brought up but I got a tip saying illusions are destroyed when they attack Roshan, which was changed in 7.07.

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    Thanks - we removed that tip from the pool in the update today.

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    Can you post a list of tips already in game so we don't post a duplicate tip? I might have a few regarding niche item/skill interactions
    Right off the bat:

    You can sell Roshan's Cheese or Refresher Shard (while in your main item slots) for 500 gold each.

    You can utilize Lone Druid's Spirit Bear to pick up runes. Lone Druid does not need to be nearby for this (with or without Aghanim's Scepter).
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    Here are some obscure/advanced tip suggestions, which I didn't see in the *dota_english.txt* file.

    Advanced (dota_tip_advanced_X)"
    • To append selected units to a Control Group, hold Shift, and press a Control Group key.
    • A creep-hero is a unique type of creep unit which is treated like a hero by the game. Many but not all spell interactions will consider these creeps as heroes, instead.
    • Many creep-hero units are also ancient creeps. Many spells which cannot be casted on ancients cannot be casted on these units.
    • Units with a low Base Attack Time benefit greatly from Attack Speed buffs.

    Visage (dota_tip_hero_visage_X):
    • Visage's Grave Chill ability also grants its attack speed and move speed bonus to nearby Familiars.
    • Medallion and Solar Crest are common pick-ups for Visage. In addition to reducing an enemy's defense, it can be casted on an ally unit or Familiar to give it extra survivability.
    • Visage's Familiars are considered both creep-hero and ancient creep unit types.
    • Visage has 10% magic resistance versus the standard 25% for heroes. This makes him more susceptible to magic damage when low on Grave Keeper's Cloak stacks.
    • Visage's Familiars have a 0.4 base attack time versus the standard 1.7 of a hero. Any attack speed buffs they gain are greatly amplified compared to a hero.
    • Casting a Familiar's Stone Form above a tree will destroy it.

    Lone Druid (dota_tip_hero_lone_druid_X):
    • Unlike other Creep-Heroes, Lone Druid's Spirit Bear is not considered an ancient creep.
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    -Bloodseeker can exceed the 550 movement speed limit with his passive spell.
    -You can turn off aura's like Ring of Aquila if you don't want to push your creep wave.
    -You can turn off most aura's that your items provide
    -Control + Shift allows you to queue multiple items at once on
    quick buy.
    -High ground is covered by Fog of War. You can't see up but they can see low ground.
    -Attack move with A + click on the ground on heroes that you're chasing around trees. You'll attack as soon you have vision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blash365 View Post
    are you aware that carries can also buy wards and courier after finishing their second rapier?

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    changes to already existing tips

    - dota_tip_universal_07: Can be expanded: When Ctrl+Alt-pressing on enemy hero icons tells your team that the enemy has returned. Alt-clicking on dead enemy hero icons announces their respawn time.
    - dota_tip_universal_26: Can be expanded to also mention the setting "channeling requires stop". Currently, it only mentions the "teleport requires stop" setting.
    - dota_tip_universal_35: Can be expanded. You can ALT click on allied and enemy buffs/debuffs, too, not only the ones you are affected by.
    - dota_tip_beginner_20: Small typo. It currently reads "One runes will appear..." Also, add to this that bounty runes spawn every 5 minutes (or make that a new tip)
    - dota_tip_beginner_21: Makes it sound like runes are auto-picked up when walking over them while holding a bottles. It would be better if it would says "picking up a rune", instead of "touching a rune".
    - dota_tip_beginner_50: Currently only mentions Healing Salve. Clarities can be used on allies, too.
    - dota_tip_intermediate_13: Says MKB gives True Strike. Should say it gives high accuracy, giving you a chance to ignore evasion.
    - dota_tip_intermediate_30: Add Battle Fury to this! Many people forget that Battle Fury inherits the tree cutting ability of Quelling Blade.
    - dota_tip_intermediate_34: Says barracks cant reveal units. Add to it that the Ancient, on the other side, can.
    - dota_tip_intermediate_35: Small typo. Currently says "a 8 minute", instead of "an 8 minute" Best would be to reword it to avoid it altogether "Has a cooldown of 8 minutes".
    - dota_tip_intermediate_47: Can be expanded to tell that its cast range is bigger than the attack range of melee heroes, allowing melee users to deward wards they can't reach with attacks. Also, add Battle Fury to this.
    - dota_tip_intermediate_55: Says Roshan gets stronger every 4 minutes. The interval got reduced to every single minute, so the tip is slightly wrong currently.
    - dota_tip_advanced_11: Add Refresher Shard to t his (can be sold for 500, just like Cheese)
    - dota_tip_advanced_23: Make this more general. Casting Shadow Blade doesn't interrupt your channeling spells. (currently only mentions tp scroll)
    - dota_tip_advanced_26: Currently claims that illus aren't affected by auras, which is wrong. Most illus affect them normally. The note should just say that illus can bestow auras.
    - dota_tip_hero_necrolyte_1: Uses the hero's old name, instead of current name (Necrolyte -> Necrohpos)
    - dota_tip_hero_earth_spirit_1: Change "only units hit by the smashed unit or remnant" to "only units hit by a a smashed remnant". Smashed units don't stun units they collide with.

    Obsolete tips

    - dota_tip_beginner_14: Tells that typically, a team only needs one courier. You can only have one courier per team now
    - dota_tip_universal_29: Says that if not picking a hero, the team loses gold per second. Redundant, since tips now appear during pauses (= after the picking phase), and not loading screens.
    - dota_tip_intermediate_38: Says illus are instantly destroyed when attacking roshan. No longer true. Replace with "illusions deal significantly less damage to Roshan" (similar note already exists for illus vs buildings)

    New tips suggestions:

    - Universal: Items with AoE-team effects like Mekansm can be Alt-clicked to tell your team to gather around
    - Universal: Alt-clicking the in-game clock creates a time stamp in the chat, which you can look up later on by scrolling up in the chat.
    - Universal: Alt-clicking on an item in the shop tells your team you intend to by that item. Ctrl+Alt-clicking suggests your allies to purchase that item.
    - Universal: Alt-clicking on your quickbuy tells your team how much gold you need to finish the item in the quickbuy.
    - Inermediate/Advanced: Have a mana-hungry laning partner and spare mangoes? Using Mango on them by Ctrl-casting it may be enough for them to get their spell of to ensure a kill.
    - Intermediate: From his third death onward, Roshan will drop Refresher Shard in addition to the Aegis of the Immortal and the Cheese. Using the shard instantly resets all your ability cooldowns. (the cheese version of this tip already exists, under intermediate_37)
    - Intermediate: Muting an enemy will cancel their channeling of Town Portal Scroll and Boots of Travel.
    - Advanced: Towers grow tankier the more enemy heroes are close to it. If you play a hero with low building damage, it may be more effective to stay back, so the tower has less armor.
    - Intermediate: Shrines can be used for a quick heal, instead of returning all the way back to the fountain. Try to maximize their effectiveness by waiting for other wounded nearby allies to gather. They have a high cooldown.
    - Advcanced: As a support, try to secure as many runes as possible. A right rune at the right time may decide the outcome in a lane, or the success of a gank. This goes also goes for the enemy if they get a hold on the runes.
    - Intermediate: Neutral creeps will use their slam abilities (hoof stomp, thunder clap, slam) when 3 or more valid targets are within range of it.
    - Intermediate: Most ancient creeps have high magic resistance. They cannot be flash-farmed with magical damage nukes like other neutral creeps.
    - Advanced: Divine Rapiers always drop on death. When dropped the first time, the Rapier cannot be used by allies when picked up by them, but they can return it to the ally who bought it. After the second drop, it works for whoever picks it up and cannot be manually dropped anymore.
    - Intermediate: Ghost Scepter does not work while spell immune. It will get dispelled when spell immunity is appied afterwards, and will have no effect when it gets used while spell immune.
    - Advanced: Ring of Regen, Ring of Health, Sage's Mask, Void Stone and Perseverance are partially sharable items. Their regeneration will work for allies when given to them, but they cannot use them to build items.
    - Intermediate: When upgrading Magic Stick or Urn of Shadows, their current charges carry over to the upgrade, and are not lost.
    - Intermediate: Mekansm and Guardian Greaves have a "heal cooldown". This means a unit recently healed by either of these items may not be healed again for some time. Crimson Guard has such a restriction as well.
    - Intermediate: Radiance fully works for illusions, damaging and blinding units around them, making illusions with Radiance a great farming tool.
    - Intermediate: Mask of Madness will silence you when used. Don't forget to use the spells yo want to use before activating it. The silence is not dispellable with Black King Bar, Manta Style, or other allied dispels!

    - Abaddon: Aphotic Shield doesn't harm invisible/fogged units. When running away from a shielded enemy, use the fog to avoid the damage.
    - Bounty Hunter: Alt-clicking the Track debuff on an enemy announces their current gold.
    - QoP/Doom/Veno: Allied heroes can be denied when affected by Shadow Strike/Doom/Venomous Gale when they are below 10% hp.
    - Alchemist: Don't forget that you can give allied heroes an Aghanim's Scepter buff by using the item on them. Moon Shards can be used on allies as well.
    - Lich: Ice Armor can be cast on buildings. (same note for Bloodlust exists already)
    - Arc Warden: Magnetic Field affects buildings and can be used to prevent pushes if placed properly.
    - Winter Wyvern: Units affected by Winter's Curse cannot be damaged. Do not waste your nukes on them!
    - Bloodseeker: When tanky enough, a Blade Mail can cause serious damage against Bloodseeker when activating it and moving around while Ruptured.
    - Huskar: Life Break dispels and turns Huskar spell immune during the leap, which can be used to dodge some spells which don't pierce spell immunity.
    - Lycan: Shapeshift's critical strike and movemnt speed haste affects all units owned by Lycan, including Necronomicon summons and dominated creeps.
    - Necrophos: Reaper's Scythe's damage is delayed. Try to save scythed allies by healing them, or applying damage preventing effects during the delay.
    - Naga Siren: Song of the Siren doesn't affect spell immune enemies, which can be used to isolate a spell immune enemy from their team.
    - Doom: Devouring some neutral creeps at full health may cause the spell to be down for longer than the cooldown, since the digesting time depends on the unit's health. Against high health creeps, it is better to damage them first, so that the digestion phase doesn't exceed the spell's cooldown.
    - Techies: Blast Off can be interrupted by applying forced movement on Techies during the jump, with for example Force Staff or any other spell that moves units.
    - Nature's Prophet: Sprout provides flying vision around it. Use it to spot juking enemies.
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    Obsolete notes

    - dota_tip_beginner_14: Tells that typically, your team needs one courier. You can only have one courier per team now
    You'd be surprised how many people in beginner games don't buy courier until 20 mins in or never.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbon View Post
    You'd be surprised how many people in beginner games don't buy courier until 20 mins in or never.
    There already are beginner tips saying that couriers should be purchased. This one rather says that than 1 courier is usually unnecessary, which is pointless. The tip reads "Typically, a team only needs one courier."
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    Sniper: Shrapnel damage does not stack with each other. So don't use all charges at one spot.
    General: Jungle creeps gives significantly less gold and exp than lane creeps.

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