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    Quote Originally Posted by bu3ny
    - QoP/Doom/Veno: Allied heroes can be denied when affected by Shadow Strike/Doom/Venomous Gale when they are below 10% hp.
    Should be 25% HP. 10% is buildings.


    - Arc Warden: Standing in two overlapping Magnetic Fields makes it harder for the enemy to circumvent its evasion.
    - Arc Warden: Eul’s Scepter can be used on the Tempest Double and vice versa.
    - Arc Warden: Unlike other summons, the Tempest Double breaks enemy smokes.
    - Meepo: Eul’s Scepter can be used on your clones.
    - Meepo: Your clones are able to pickup runes.
    - Meepo: Saving a skill point at level 9 enables you to take a talent and skill your ult at level 10.
    - Undying: Decay’s Str steal only steals Str from one Meepo/Arc Warden, if it hits multiple of them at once.
    - Monkey King Bar: MKB’s True Strike does not prevent you from missing buildings.
    - Gem of True Sight: Gem does not grant True Sight if carried by a courier or the Spirit Bear.

    - Generic: Dying to neutrals will result in a minimum death timer of 26 seconds. (no more suiciding to ancients for a free quick trip to base + early respawn).

    Quote Originally Posted by current Tips
    One point of agility also gives a hero 0,14 armour.
    This tip currently exists, but armour was changed to be 1 armour per 6 agility, so 1 agility should give 0,17 armour.
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