let's see this menu

We can see "underhollow", "mutation", "ranked roles" and "battle cup" BUT there is no free space for buttons that let choose language, servers and for low-prio/ban notification.
Firstly I don't have battle bass and dota+ (I might have them if devs hadn't stupidly banned my main acc for... putting up 200$+ on battle passes last year). If I don't have battle pass and dota+ then for what fuck I need to see "underhollow", "mutation", "ranked roles" and "battle cup" buttons in this menu!? And however I cannot see language, servers and lp/ban notification if ranked or unranked is chosen! So to change language or servers or check how many low-prio games remaining you have to choose for example practice 1v1 and them choose what you would like to play. It isn't seem hard but it's annoying.
It's would be good if options for disable some buttons on start game menu would be created. However need to talk about "custom lobbies", practice with bots", and "practice 1v1". A very low amount of players plays these. So we may disable these buttons too. An ideal menu would be seems like this:

It's looks like very casual and this is very good.