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Thread: Ti8 Cache Nightstalker. Head Style 2?

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    Ti8 Cache Nightstalker. Head Style 2?

    I've personally been longing for this set. Love to wear that original set mask. Others have similar opinions.

    Excitement and also some disappointment. Expressed on reddit.


    (EDIT)Just found a petition to get the original as a style 551 upvotes and counting.


    Comments are up the top, here's a few of them.

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    8 hours ago

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    That Nightstalker Set made it to the game after three years!!


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    7 hours ago
    I'm so damn happy but I wish they would've included the original eyeball style, it was so damn cool


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    2 hours ago
    It appears the artist created a variation specifically to get into the Collector's Cache. It's unfortunate because in my opinion he should have just submitted his set as it already was quite appropriate.
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    Maybe... Is money the problem here? Could you add an option to purchase the 2nd style unlock? Of the Head 1 of 'endless Nightmare'? $0.99 to unlock the head? Or recycle a set to unlock? instead of getting battlepoints? Then you get paid the artist gets paid.

    The user gets the set they've been wanting for years. Or the user who see's their 'loadscreen', can actually get the set they see in their 'loadscreen'? Or the user gets that unique head that only some people like that is in the workshop for that set? Make's the set more personal, more special to the user.

    There are more sets like this for some reason we don't get the loadscreen head, and we seem to be getting less options for sets, there was a time that 3 or 4 styles were for a single set. And we've had Cache items in the past with multiple styles. So....


    Comments from the workshop page of NS Head 1.

    痛み 19 hours ago
    Valve pls give 1 style, take my money and give 1 style!!!!!!!

    NocturneOfSolace 22 Jul @ 12:58pm
    The new version ****** sucks, what a shame the previous version didnt make it in

    ADiemuS 21 Jul @ 6:51pm
    I actually prefer the old version, although the new one is really good too.
    thanks for designning such a good set, and omg volvo finally had the true sense of art and put it in the game XD

    RED Floyd /(Weber)\ 21 Jul @ 6:12pm
    I dont know I prefer head 1 over 3, head 3 is just not cool.

    VicoVaro 21 Jul @ 5:37pm

    Xenohart~ 21 Jul @ 3:55pm
    look like a predator to mee

    ☩༺ΘMetalBirdΘ༻☩ 21 Jul @ 12:27pm
    i really like the set, i prefer the EYe ball in the mouth one, kinda disspointed , i got the cache treasure and the screen shot shows eye ball in mouth one but i got the bug one :\ , really think the eyeball one is really cool my dude


    More people asking on reddit.


    Also other sets that have Unique heads in these caches. These are the alternate masks that aren't in the game. Axes alternate head says it's accepted into the game. But we don't have it. Please fix these.


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