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Thread: Turkish F Keyboard hotkey

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    Lightbulb Turkish F Keyboard hotkey

    hello first of all and have a nice day.
    I am a Turkish Dota player and using a keyboard with Turkish F layout.
    I am bored to switch between EN_US and TR_F keyboards and sodmetimes i forgot which one i am using.
    Problem is with en_US keyboard is starting wity QWER and Turkish F is FGĞI and i cant assing Ğ as a 3rd skill.
    Is there anyway to support Ğ as a hotkey?

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    Hotkeys options - Bind keys based on keyboard position: ON
    or enter in console: input_button_code_is_scan_code 1
    or add launch option: +input_button_code_is_scan_code 1

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    you are my hero sir. thanks

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