Sorry but I have to spammed it. I found it totally ridiculous. Dota 2 has successfully proved to the world of their retardedness. Please share it out and tell every Dota 2 are retarded.

I played 3 games, ask my team mates, my opposite team members.

I went into an ongoing game watching where there are 3500 specs and some others with around 300 specs.

So I asked a simple, and basic question there:

"Hi I am new here, may I know how to unlock all the heroes in grey?"

I spent like 2 hours finding this fucking, simple, basic answer. Dota 2 has just introduced a fucking game, which they lock some of the heroes, and they didnt tell the new players how to unlock them.

Nobody knows.
No forum topics about it.
No announcement or news.
No information or messages telling players about it.

So, till now, I am still wondering... HOW??

When a new player comes and he sees some heroes in grey, he couldnt pick it, but he wants to play it, so he wants to know how.

Dota 2 dont have an answer for them ---- please share this out, top history of retarded mistake. Let this retardedness be known so no retarded ppl will be involved in the dev team, again.

So, the same quesiton:



How to unlock all heroes in dota 2??? HOW????

God bless the retards, may them be able to survive in the real world.
Sorry for their moms too yeah.