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Thread: Do you know "Ant Medic" ?

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    Do you know "Ant Medic" ?


    The idea is to play a weaver offlane against a lane where you can do nothing to survive and you become a kind of support along the game, the goal was to annoy the opponent permanently, prevent him from farm and push him to flee, so you need a big mobility, survival equipment and minor damage but repeated over a long period.

    You can do it with weaver if you know that you risk dying often on the midgame because it is too fragile.
    And I wonder "IceFrog" could make it possible with other heroes, the stereotype of post 3 that passes post 4, be it a Riki or NightStalker, Slardar, BounthyHunter, Leshrac, Pugna...

    The kind of hero who on the midgame spends his time creating ganks and taking easy kills, although not all heroes can name it right now.

    "Puck" could be one of those heroes, unfortunately his"-8s Waning Rift Cooldown" is at the same levels as "+40% Illusory Orb Distance/Speed""
    If either of these two spells were moved to lvl 15, it would make it possible.

    The medic ant, is the name that a streamer dota2 (namax) as give as a build weaver, the part was very funny and the weaver very difficult killed (with its ultimate + aganim) with multiple items to protect it and it double attack, with that great mobility of lvl 25 they could pass from one lanes to another very quickly, the kind of insect that you can't crush but that is always there to bother you!

    I'm sure you could do that with lots of other carry that could become kind of difficult support killed and with great mobility though with little damage.

    For example if you modify the Phantom Assassin, that its passive Blur allows it to become invisible (Camouflaged) as long as it does not attack and with a specific range (In itself you take again the model of League Of Legend, the camouflage "" and add a quest so that it increases the damage of its ultimate liability Grace Strike (That you decrease beforehand so that it is not unbalance) you remove the current aganim and has place you put a double "Phantom Strike" the first is normal and the second after 2s re-activatable does not increase the attack speed and adds 2s additional Cdr;

    Or Abadon you add a new spell "Onslaught of Shadows" to decrease it, like the spell "Blaze's" stunning in Heores of the storm an initiation spell, except no control here, just a dash forward and why add the explosion "Aphotic Shield", see decrease the heal of lvl 25 to balance.

    Finally you have understood the idea of more mobility or at least a spell that allows an easier initiation and reduce damage.

    Others, you know Heroes of the storm, the personal quest system to gain power from a spell/passive for some heroes who are at the lowest right now or like Night Stalker who was very down, could it raise the levels?
    Here you go, Ps : Good continuation ! Translated with
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    After reflection, it becomes too strong abandon with a spell like that, well if he has time to put a single self attack it becomes problematic.

    Have you ever thought about creating a "Force staff" for the melee, for example "the hurricane pushes people away" The fishing rod is a tool to attract the green fish a trap to catch it, either one deceives the senses of the fish, well there would be the Stick jumping the hero to the bodies with bodies that possesses it is pushed towards the front of the target +400 units + Echo Strike

    So Echo Sabre + Force staff = Staff Strike or Scythe Stricke Staff
    You decrease the power of the sword echo, + staff strength, and the "Echo Strike" you increase the Cdr, so that it coincides with the staff force time
    For example 6s for echo strike and 24s for dash effect.

    Thus the heroes melee will have an initiation items.

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