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Thread: Missing resolution options in 'Exclusive Fullscreen' mode

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    Missing resolution options in 'Exclusive Fullscreen' mode

    When using a native 3840x2160 monitor and 'Exclusive Fullscreen' mode there are no options for 2560x1440 (but there are two identical options for 3840x2160@60hz).

    There are however the standard 2560x1440 options when using any other Display Mode option.

    Edit: On further inspection when using 'Fullscreen Mode' all of the resolutions available are show twice.
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    I have the same thing but with 1080p. If i go fullscreen exclusive 1080p is no longer there except and next best in line 1600x900 16:9. While borderless window still has 1080p. Im on 240hz any clue why?

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