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    i have got 670 evel bp and still after i update i dint get any rares even after opening 40 treasure III chests..i even opened the treasures i got after update and still no rares after almost 40 treasure opened
    please do a reroll for my account as i think my account has not yet been fixed and i dint get an reroll items also
    please fix this on my account
    user name-- kickass_sam88
    id no--- 96925280

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    Level 2500, I got a single WK rare. I've opened a shitton of chests so no way this was just an actual reroll with fixed escalated odds, I'd love to be proven wrong.

    EDIT: I realized the WK one is non tradable or marketable (not labelled as tradable after 2019). This is probably one of those extra random immortals they distributed. So the reroll literally didn't give me any rare whatsoever.
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    guys i am really angry now..this update dint give me any rares on rerolls even after opening almost 40+ treasure III chests and even after opening new chests/
    i dnt think this is fair to me at all after spending so much money on the bp and getting no items no rares in rerolls
    i dnt think escalting odds are working and please fic this on my account and give me my rares from rerolls as even after pening chests after the update i still got no rares at all

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    i have opened almost 50 treasure III chests now and i got no rares at all..
    please fix my account as i think its still bugged on my account and please reroll for me..

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