I was thinking about it, and maybe towers can have 3 floors on them each level containing 2-3 cribs charging the catapult with "light ball" - as the effect now time being blue or red (depending if its dire od radiant) and the 3th floor start shooting first as they have bigger vision over map, then 2nd then 1st floor and all over again. After tower is killed maybe it will be nice if the cribs fall from tower (2 on floor = 6 cribs, 3 on floor = 9 cribs) and start fighting against the enemies (it comes like another +lane wave that nor help their side from pushing for another tower or stopping the wave kinda or maybe give extra gold to enemies if the enemies are too feed or strong) but overall it will be positive for loosing team or maybe that extra gold for enemies if no one came to help that wave just as dota works.
And maybe they can just add more animations on every floor so it will be more fun TY FOR READING IT!