Match ID-4057288691
acc ID-862047086

player 7000mmr fapping on low mmr accounts. never pick supports, boosting accounts and seling.

Raping my mid player by play on antimage vs voker lane up and solo kill my voker. (its impossible

when new account playing)

Antimage 124 matches in total
my invoker (miracle nickname) 1463 wins that show how good he is vs new accounts with 100 matches

in total.

Request to volvo about ban all smurfers in matchmaking, and accounts who buy accounts with high


When i see this situation in my gamews its tilting me, i am sure not only me. Wat reason in up

mmr if anybody can buy account and ruine games to others, its going on alrdy fucking 5 years,

boost and smurfers.

here is most stupid questions what i have. Why new accounts have so hight mmr, who creat this

matchamking? what he smoke or drink when creating this.

Matches like this one rly imposible to play, pls make players play on their main accounts and