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Thread: No collectors cache 1 bought 14 no 20000 point reward

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    Exclamation No collectors cache 1 bought 14 no 20000 point reward

    S i had bought 12 collectors cache 1s before today and i thought, well lets buy 2 more so ill get the 20 levels.. but nope, bought them and opened but the tracker stayed at 12... i even bought a 15th one just incase... but nope. So sems like no matter how many i buy it is stuck at 12 bought collectors cache even though ive bought 15 of them..

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    I also tried restarting but nothing happened.

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    I also jsut noticed another bug? i bought 3 24 levels and pressed activate now and the levels arent showing up... dota 2 servers ??? So either Dota 2 has problems with their servers etc and this is a wider issue otherwise i have no clue... but thats still 23.5 euros or something.....

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    Well on another note it fixed itself... Seems that as long as one goes into a regular dota game and founds it it fixes itself. dont know if bot games etc do the same tohugh.

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