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Thread: DotA1 imparities

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    DotA1 imparities

    DotA1 imparities

    This is a list of differences between WC3 Dota and Dota 2 that might be changes to how things worked in WC3 Dota. They do not qualify as bugs in that sense, but may or may not be intended. These include intentional differences meant to fix engine limitations, bugs or other undesirable behaviour in WC3 Dota. Each list entry represents a discussion on the intended change. if you want to provide feedback on it, participate in the linked thread.

    If you notice any such changes are not yet listed, please let us know in this thread.
    Do note that some mechanics from WC3 Dota, although arising from engine limitations or bugs, are meant to be retained in Dota 2.

    Differences which are confirmed as intended by a Dota2 dev are in red, and orange when confirmed by a core tester. But remember:

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    Nothing is set in stone, if there are things we confirm as intended for whatever reason, you guys are still free to debate the pros and cons.
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    Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

    Contributions i'd like to highlight:
    My Suggestion: Coaching System
    My Sticky: Intended Changes List
    My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage

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    DotA1 imparities

    Table of Content

    Click on the little arrow () at the top right corner of any post to go back up to the table of content.

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    Strength heroes

    Abaddon, The Lord Of Avernus

    Aphotic Shield:
    1. Aphotic Shield and Borrowed Time nullify knock back effect of certain spells (list of spells in thread)
    2. Aphotic Shield is castable on doomed units

    Curse Of Avernus:
    1. Curse of Avernus debuff is dispelled by magic immunity
    2. Abaddon does not get the Curse of Avernus buff on himself when attacking wards

    Borrowed Time:
    1. Borrowed Time activates too early
    2. Passively triggered Borrowed Time doesn't cancel channeling spells
    3. Damage taken during Borrowed Time is not reflected by Blade Mail
    4. Damage taken during Borrowed Time doesn't disable Heart of Tarrasque regen and doesn't drain charges from Living Armor

    Razzil Darkbrew, The Alchemist

    Acid Spray:
    1. Acid Spray doesn't apply negative armor on couriers
    2. Acid Spray misses one tick

    Unstable Concoction:
    1. Unstable Concoction doesn't damage and stun non-hero units in its aoe

    Chemical Rage:
    1. Chemical Rage (and other transformation spells with transformation time) fully disjoints projectiles upon cast, instead of only dodging disables during the transformation
    2. Illusions don't benefit from Chemical Rage hp regeneration

    Mogul Khan, The Axe

    Berserker's Call:
    1. Berserker's Call disables items and abilities with no cast point
    2. Berserker's Call prevents using spells and items with no cast point, or prevents preventing attacking by ordering to stop or move frequently

    Battle Hunger:
    1. Killing illusions does not dispel Battle Hunger
    2. Using Hand of Midas dispels Battle Hunger

    Culling Blade:
    1. Culling Blade kill does not grant movement speed buff to invulnerable allies
    2. Culling Blade kill grants movement speed buff to illusions and non-hero units
    3. Culling Blade deals non-threshold damage instantly

    Karroch, The Beastmaster

    Wild Axes:
    1. Wild Axes' damaging radius is too wide
    2. Wild Axes spread too wide
    3. Wild Axes have a minimun range

    Call Of The Wild:
    1. Hawks are affected by some ground spells
    2. Boar Poison debuff is dispelled by spell immunity

    Primal Roar:
    1. Primal Roar's push is making the units face towards wrong direction
    2. Primal Roar's slow/pushback/secondary target damage has dynamic range depending on distance of primary target and Beastmaster, instead of fixed ranges
    3. Primal Roar's slow debuff is purgable
    4. Primal Roar doesn't slow the main target

    Mangix, The Brewmaster

    1. Thunderclap slow debuff lasts too long (creep duration instead of hero duration) on creep-heroes

    Drunken Haze:
    1. Drunken Haze is instant instead of using a projectile

    Primal Split:
    1. Primal Split gives no flying vision on cast
    2. Primal Split doesn't dispel debuffs
    3. Primal Split Storm and Fire elements don't dispel Smoke Of Deceit
    4. The attack out of Primal Split Storm's Wind Walk has no true strike
    5. Primal Split spirits have too small collision size
    6. Primal Split Earth's Hurl Boulder missile speed is too low
    7. Primal Split Storm's attack range is too high
    8. Primal Split level 3 Storm's attack rate is too high
    9. Primal Split Storm's Dispel Magic does not dispel enemy Repels off of enemies

    Rigwarl, The Bristleback

    1. Bristleback passive Quill Spray proc doesn't deal the stack damage when Quill Spray is not learned
    2. Bristleback fully works against fountains

    Centaur Warrunner:
    Bradwarden, The Centaur Warrunner

    1. Return triggers on allied attacks, damaging them

    1. Stampede doesn't affect an allied Spectre's Haunt illusion

    Chaos Knight:
    --, The Chaos Knight

    Reality Rift:
    1. Reality Rift triggers Linken's Sphere or Unstable Current (confirmation)

    Rattletrap, The Clockwerk

    Battery Assault:
    1. Casting Battery Assault while the previous cast is still active, refreshes the duration instead of starting a new, undependant instance

    Power Cogs:
    1. Power Cogs shocks units with mana pool who have 0 current mana
    2. Auto-attack priorities are too low against Power Cogs
    3. Power Cogs cover a too big area
    4. Power Cogs don't give Bounty
    5. Destroying Power Cogs in the corner allows you to pass the barrier
    6. Power Cogs don't dispel Axe's Battle Hunger
    7. Power Cogs interaction with several spells (list of spells in thread)
    8. Power Cogs shocks units with mana pool who have 0 current mana
    9. Power Cogs pushes units out of other Power Cogs
    10. Power Cogs push units over unpathable terrain or pathing blockers, instead of pushing against them

    1. Hookshot does not destroy trees on impact
    2. Hookshot's latching aoe is 125 instead of 100
    3. Clockwerk has wrong position and damage AoE on impact

    Dragon Knight:
    Davion, The Dragon Knight

    Dragon Blood:
    1. Dragon Knight's Dragon Blood is added to his bonus armor instead of his base armor

    Elder Dragon Form:
    1. Elder Dragon Form Splash does not hit Clockwerk's Power Cogs
    2. Elder Dragon Form Corrosive Breath is purgable
    3. Frost attack from level 3 Elder Dragon Form doesn't apply the slow debuff on missed attacks
    4. Corrosive Breath debuff from Elder Dragon Form is dispelled by spell immunity

    Lucifer, The Doom

    1. Devouring Ghost doesn't give Doom an improved version of Frost Attack

    LVL? Death:
    1. LVL? Death normal damage and stun are instant

    1. Doom does not cancel Voodoo Restoration
    2. Doom does not disable regeneration from STR/INT
    3. Doom does not disable item dropping and Runes picking
    4. Doom is not castable on couriers
    5. Doom is castable on neutrals
    6. Doom doesn't disable leveling up from attribute bonus and skills
    7. Doom can be cast on already doomed units

    Raigor Stormhoof, The Earthshaker

    1. Fissure pushes units out of Sprout

    Enchant Totem:
    1. Enchant Totem buff isn't dispelled by magic immunity
    2. Enchant Totem's attack damage bonus updates periodically, instead of being set once upon cast
    3. Enchant Totem's bonus damage fully stacks with that of Double Damage rune

    1. Aftershock damages after the triggering spell has been cast instead of before

    Echo Slam
    1. Echo Slam does not count Invulnerable units for the echoes
    2. Echo Slam's initial damage hits instantly instead of traveling

    Earth Spirit:
    Kaolin, The Earth Spirit

    Stone Remnant:
    1. Kaolin can have 10 Stone Remnants up at a time
    2. Stone Remnants can't be selected
    3. Stone Remnant doesn't use casting time

    Boulder Smash:
    1. Boulder Smash is not canceled by death
    2. Resurrecting during Boulder Smash makes you respawn at the position you died, instead of at the end of the smash
    3. Boulder Smash damages the target at the start of the push, instead of at the end
    4. Boulder Smash doesn't push invulnerable units
    5. Boulder Smash is able to free units out of Black Hole and Chronosphere

    Rolling Boulder:
    1. Rolling Boulder is not stopped by invulnerable units
    2. Rolling Boulder Stone Remnant detection range at the start of the roll is off
    3. Rolling Boulder doesn't give flying vision
    4. Rolling Boulder breaks Pounce leash
    5. Rolling Boulder slow debuff is dispelled by magic immunity
    6. Earth Spirit can turn during Rolling Boulder

    Geomagnetic Grip:
    1. Geomagnetic Grip doesn't pull invulnerable units
    2. Geomagnetic Grip pulls remnants too close to Kaolin

    1. Magnetize doesn't slow magic immune units when other magnetized units are affected by Rolling Bolder
    2. Magnetize doesn't spread silence from pulling a Stone Remnant over a magic immune unit which is affected by Magnetize

    Elder Titan:
    Elder Titan, The Worldsmith

    Echo Stomp:
    1. Echo Stomp's sleep can no longer be "turned into" a regular stun

    Astral Spirit:
    1. You can teleport to the Astral Spirit
    2. Astral Spirit deals damage after applying the Natural Order aura instead of before
    3. Astral Spirit movement speed is set upon casting, instead of periodically adapting to Elder Titan's movement speed
    4. Astral Spirit does not prevent neutral creeps from spawning
    5. Astral Spirit doesn't get buffs/debuffs from certain spells affecting movement speed
    6. Astral Spirit movement speed buff isn't purgeable
    7. Astral Spirit has no minimal casting distance

    Natural Order:
    1. Elder Titan illusions bestow Natural Order aura

    Earth Splitter:
    1. Earth Splitter range is too short

    Huskar, The Sacred Warrior

    Inner Vitality:
    1. Inner Vitality doesn't stack up with itself when casted twice on the same unit

    Burning Spear:
    1. Burning Spear damage stacks so that consumables get canceled

    Life Break:
    1. Life Break is canceled by Forced Movement

    Io, The Guardian Wisp
    1. Io's attack projectile is too slow

    1. Tether breaks when the tethered unit resurrects
    2. Tether pull on the caster is canceled when the Tether is broken
    3. Tether doesn't have a cap for its mana transfer
    4. Tether doesn't have a cap for its hp transfer
    5. Tether breaking range is a bit too short
    6. Tether width is too thin
    7. Tether doesn't slow magic immune units
    8. Tether doesn't drag Io close enough to the tethered target when getting dragged towards the target
    9. Tether slows Roshan

    1. Relocate does not destroy trees on the departure area at departure
    2. Relocate can be targeted to the enemy fountain area
    3. Relocate cannot relocate non-lane creeps
    4. Relocate does not have the 400 range flying vision over the departure point

    Kunkka, The Admiral

    1. Torrent doesn't provide flying vision

    1. Tidebringer triggers on Gyro's Homing Missile
    2. Kunkka can buy and use Quelling Blade, instead of it being restricted (confirmation)

    X Marks The Spot:
    1. X Marks The Spot is castable on ancients (Spirit Bear, Familliars, etc.)
    2. X Marks The Spot doesn't return invunlerable units
    3. X Marks The Spot doesn't dispel Lanaya's Meld
    4. X Marks The Spot doesn't return units affected by Phase Shift, Astral Imprisonment or Disruption
    5. X Marks The Spot visual effects are visible and sounds audible to enemies when casted on allies or self

    1. Ghost Ship aoe for the Rum applying is too small at its spawn point
    2. Recasting Ghost Ship so that it hits an ally who already has the buff, refreshes the buff, instead of applying a new, independant buff

    Legion Commander:
    Tresdin. The Legion Commander

    Overwhelming Odds:
    1. Overwhelming Odds doesn't count invulnerable units
    2. Overwhelming Odds doesn't deal bonus damage to Enchantress' enchanted units

    Press The Attack:
    1. Press the Attack heals in too small and fast intervals
    2. Press the Attack doesn't stack up with itself when casted on twice on the same unit

    Moment Of Courage:
    1. Legion Commander's illusions have Moment of Courage
    2. Moment of Courage doesn't trigger on attacks from Exorcism ghosts and The Swarm beetles
    3. Moment of Courage triggers on allied attacks

    N'aix, The Lifestealer

    Open Wounds:
    [LIST=1][*]Open Wounds is fully blocked by Linken's Sphere, instead of only one slow instance

    1. Infest aoe damage is instant
    2. Infest doesn't disable regeneration from str/int on Lifestealer
    3. Infest can be used on the Spirit Bear

    Banehallow, The Lycan
    1. Lycanthrope has incorrect collision size
    2. Lycan has too high maximum damage

    1. Howl doesn't buff Tombstone zombies

    1. Shapeshift illusions have different Shapeshift buff duration
    2. Shapeshift illusions not owned by Lycanthrope don't have maximum movement speed

    Magnus, The Magnoceros

    1. Shockwave has too high cast range

    1. Empower updates the damage periodically based on current value, instead of staying as it was upon cast

    1. Skewer affects Infernals, Spirit Bear, Primal Split elementals and illusions
    2. Magnus is able to Skewer on a ward spot
    3. Skewer places the grabbed heroes too far in front
    4. Skewer grab range from his back is not far enough
    5. Skewer slow debuff is dispelled by magic immunity

    Reverse Polarity:
    1. Reverse Polarity does not move invulnerable units
    2. Reverse Polarity lasts too long on non-hero units
    3. Reverse Polarity positions affected units always 150 units in front of him, instead of randomly between 120-170 units

    Night Stalker:
    Balanar, The Night Stalker

    Hunter in the Night:
    1. Hunter in the Night does not grant its bonuses for 2 seconds upon leveling it the first time, regardless of day time

    1. Enemies gain unobstructed vision when Night Stalker with Aghanim's Scepter has Track or Amplify Damage debuff on him during the night

    Purist Thunderwrath, The Omniknight

    1. Repel debuffs some item active effects it shouldn't debuff (list in thread)
    2. Repel doesn't remove Bane's Nightmare
    3. Repel debuffs Sandking's Sandstorm
    4. Repel is not purgeable in some circumstances (list of interactions in thread)
    5. Repel can be cast on spell immune allies

    Guardian Angel:
    1. Guardian Angel grants full physical damage immunity, instead of 9999 armor (confirmation)
    2. Scepter-upgraded Guardian Angel does not affect Undying's Tombstone
    3. Guardian Angel buff is not dispelled by Lifestealer's Rage and Black King Bar's Avatar
    4. Guardian Angel doesn't affect couriers
    5. Guardian Angel Aghanim's version doesn't affect Power Cogs

    --, The Phoenix

    Icarus Dive:
    1. Icarus Dive breaks Pounce leash

    Sun Ray:
    1. Sun Ray movement is not disabled by Entangles and Ensnares

    1. Supernova has wrong vision

    Pudge, The Butcher

    Meat Hook:
    1. Meat Hook rotates the unit it hits and locks their facing angle, instead of leaving them able to turn freely during Meat Hook
    2. Meat Hook travels too fast
    3. Meat Hook's aoe is too small at its spawn point (cant hit units behind Pudge)
    4. Meat Hook disables enemy units throughout the whole pull duration
    5. Meat Hook doesn't drag the corpse of the hooked unit
    6. Meat Hook can't target units directly
    7. Pudge's length and path is now fixed, instead of changing based on Pudge's position

    1. Rot stays active while the caster is in banishment, hexed or inside a Chronosphere
    2. Rot continues to deal damage while pudge is paused

    Flesh Heap:
    1. Flesh Heap str is added to bonus str instead of base str

    1. Dismember's "Fresh Meat" sound is hearable through fog of war
    2. Dismember has the same duration on all creeps, instead of being level-based

    Sand King:
    Crixalis, The Sand King

    1. Burrowstrike is always blocked for Linken's Sphere holders, regardless of being directly targeted or not (confirmation)
    2. Burrowstrike can no longer "dodge" stuns

    Sand Storm:
    1. Sandstorm doesn't provide flying vision
    2. Sandstorm misses one tick

    Caustic Finale:
    1. Caustic Finale debuff is not applied on magic immune units
    2. Caustic Finale debuff is not dispelled by strong dispels

    1. Epicenter debuff lasts too short on non-hero units
    2. Epicenter pulses in 0.5/0.375/0.3 (0.375/0.3/0.25 with aghs) intervals, instead of always 0.35.

    Slardar, The Slithereen Guard

    Slithereen Crush:
    1. Slithereen Crush slow debuff is dispelled by magic immunity

    1. Bash's damage is not blocked by magic immunity

    Amplify Damage:
    1. Amplify Damage lasts too short on non-hero units

    Spirit Breaker:
    Barathrum, The Spirit Breaker

    Charge Of Darkness:
    1. Certain items can be used during Charge Of darkness without canceling the charge
    2. Charge Of Darkness is canceled by Force Staff
    3. Charge Of Darkness grants shared vision, partially revealing invisible units, instead of flying vision
    4. Charge Of Darkness reaches the target too early
    5. Charge of Darkness' Greater Bash procs on Roshan, so that Spirit Breaker gets the movement speed buff, damages Roshan

    Greater Bash:
    1. Greater Bash cancels Tiny's Toss
    2. Greater Bash knock-back isn't smooth
    3. Greater Bash procs on Roshan, so that Spirit Breaker gets the movement speed buff
    4. Greater Bash applies its effects on succesful attack hit, instead of begin of attack animation

    Nether Strike:
    1. Nether Strike is castable on ancients
    2. Spirit Breaker's Nether Strike Aghanim Upgrade impact AoE center is different
    3. Nether Strike's Greater Bash procs on Roshan, so that Spirit Breaker gets the movement speed buff

    Sven, The Rogue Knight

    God's Strength:
    1. God Strength misses transformation time and thus can't disjoint disables

    Leviathan, The Tidehunter

    1. Gush debuff is dispelled by magic immunity

    Anchor Smash:
    1. Anchor Smash damage reduction debuff is dispelled by magic immunity
    2. Anchor Smash does not instantly kill Forged Spirits or ranged mega creeps

    Rizzrak, The Timbersaw
    1. Timbersaw has too high turning rate

    Whirling Death:
    1. Whirling Death does not affect invulnerable units
    2. Whirling Death stats debuff interaction with Undying's Decay
    3. Whirling death affects the stats of illusions
    4. Whirling Death stats reducing calculation is a bit wrong

    Timber Chain:
    1. Timbersaw can't attack during Timber Chain's pull
    2. Timber Chain doesn't pull Timbersaw during resurrection. so he resurrects at wrong point
    3. Timberchain chain segments don't have 100/100 flying vision
    4. Timber Chain cancels Eul's Cyclone

    Reactive Armor:
    1. Reactive Armor triggers on allied attacks.

    1. Chakram doesn't give vision while it's flying

    Tiny, The Stone Giant

    1. Avalanche deals wrong amount of damage instances when using Avalanche + Toss Combo

    1. Tossing units from outsides into cogs doesn't shock the tossed unit
    2. Toss can't toss invulnerable units
    3. Toss deals damage to the main target in one instance instead of two
    4. Toss can target ancient units and creep-heroes
    5. Toss can be directly casted on spell immune allies

    Craggy Exterior:
    1. Craggy Exterior hits invisible units
    2. Craggy Exterior triggers on allied attacks, stunning and damaging them

    1. Tiny does not gain Aghanim's Scepter benefits if he has not skilled Grow

    Treant Protector:
    Rooftrellen, The Treant Protector

    Leech Seed:
    1. Leech Seed debuff is dispelled by magic immunity
    2. Recasting Leech Seed on a unit, who still has the debuff from a previous cast, refreshes the debuff, instead of applying a new, independant debuff

    Living Armor:
    1. Non-lethal self damage should only trigger Treant Protector's Living Armour charges when the damage is greater than 5
    2. Damage blocked by Living Armor doesn't make Refraction lose one charge
    3. Living Armor is purgeable

    Ymir, The Tusk

    Ice Shards:
    1. Ice Shards uses 7 shards instead of 5
    2. Ice Shards don't have the correct rotation when used in an off-axis direction or hitting a target sideways
    3. Ice Shards trapping radius too big

    1. Snowball has too much vision and has ground vision, instead of flying
    2. Snowball breaks Pounce leash
    3. Allied spell immune units can be right-clicked on to put them inside Snowball

    Frozen Sigil:
    1. Frozen Sigil is not purgeable
    2. Frozen Sigil doesn't aggro neutrals

    Undying, The Almighty Dirge
    1. Undying's minimun and maximum damage are too high

    1. Decay does not affect invulnerable heroes
    2. Decay strength buff/debuff is removed when resurrecting

    Soul Rip:
    1. Soul Rip counts Undying towards the max unit count, instead of adding him ontop of the max count
    2. Soul Rip doesn't count invulnerable units as sources
    3. Soul Rip can be casted on spell immune allies

    1. Tombstone zombies don't die when they lose vision of their target and die too fast when their target goes invisible
    2. Tombstone zombies vision after death fades too fast
    3. Tombstone zombies Deathlust debuff of one zombie stacks instead of refreshing the duration (it should only stack with the debuff of other zombies)
    4. Tombstone zombies are not affected by Kinetic Field

    Flesh Golem:
    1. Flesh Golem heal for Undying is instant
    2. Flesh Golem heals too much for creep-heroes (heals for hero amount instead of creep amount)
    3. Flesh Golem heals for heroes who have resurection (Aegis, Reincarnation)

    Wraith King:
    Ostarion, The Wraith King

    1. Reincarnation slow debuff is dispelled by magic immunity

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    Agility heroes

    Magina, The Anti-Mage

    1. Blink always blinks the full distance when targeting beyond max range, instead of penalizing to 4/5 of the distance

    Bounty Hunter:
    Gondar, The Bounty Hunter

    Shuriken Toss:
    1. Shuriken Toss ministun lasts too long

    Shadow Walk:
    1. Missed attack don't break the invisibility

    1. Track no longer grants track gold when the debuff is dispelled

    Black Arachnia, The Broodmother

    Spawn Spiderlings
    1. Spiderlings & Spiderites have too small collision size
    2. Poison Sting's damage is lethal
    3. Spiderling's Spawn Spiderites can't be toggled on and off
    4. Poison Sting debuff is removed by spell immunity

    Spin Web:
    1. Spin Web doesn't give movement speed and hp regeneration to units owned by Broodmother who aren't spiders

    Incapacitating Bite:
    1. Broodmother Illusions apply Incapacitating Bite
    2. Incapacitating Bite duration is wrong for non-hero units
    3. Incapacitating Bite is not blocked by Linken's Sphere

    Clinkz, The Bone Fletcher

    Skeleton Walk:
    1. The attack out of Skeleton walk has no true strike

    Death Pact:
    1. Death Pact adds to base damage instead of bonus damage
    2. Death Pact buff is removed when resurrecting

    Drow Ranger:
    Traxex, The Drow Ranger

    Frost Arrows:
    1. Frost Arrows debuff is dispelled by magic immunity

    1. Hidden units disable Marksmanship

    Ember Spirit:
    Xin, The Ember Spirit

    Sleight Of Fist:
    1. Sleight of Fist doesn't target invulnerable units
    2. Sleight of Fist deals damage too early
    3. Sleight of Fist doesn't prioritize heroes

    Fire Remnant:
    1. Fire Remnants movespeed is determined upon casting them, instead of periodically adapted to Xin's movespeed

    Faceless Void:
    Darkterror, The Faceless Void

    1. Timewalk slow debuff is dispelled by magic immunity
    2. Timewalk moves too fast

    1. Chronosphere cancels Hookshot
    2. Chronosphere affects its area instantly upon cast, instead of having a 0.1 second delay (confirmation)

    Aurel Vlaicu, The Gyrocopter

    Rocket Barrage:
    1. Rocket Barrage projectiles don't have projectile speed and hit instantly

    Homing Missile:
    1. Homing missile gets destroyed when its target is resurrecting
    2. Homing Missile doesn't show its current level
    3. Homing Missile is visible to the enemy as soon as it drops, instead of 1 second after cast
    4. Homing Missile deals too little damage
    5. Homing Missiles can't be controlled during their initial pre-launch phase

    Flak Cannon:
    1. Flak Cannon can miss
    2. Flak Cannon has slightly too small aoe
    3. Flak Cannon does not target couriers

    Call Down:
    1. Call Down debuff is dispelled by magic immunity

    Yurnero, The Juggernaut

    Blade Fury:
    1. Blade Fury deals damage in wrong intervals
    2. Juggernaut is able to cleave during Blade Fury
    3. Attacks during Blade Fury don't damage allies, since allies are not a valid target for Blade Fury, they should take damage from Jug's attacks

    Healing Ward:
    1. Healing Ward is not purgeable
    2. Healing Ward has no collision size

    1. Omnislash positions Juggernaut at 2 set positions around the slash target, instead of randomly
    2. Juggernaut doesn't get pulled when Omnislashing inside Blackhole, so he still can attack
    3. Omnislash turns Juggernaut also magic immune, which it shouldn't do

    Lone Druid:
    Sylla, The Lone Druid
    1. Lone Druid's acquisiton range when in ranged form is too short

    Summon Spirit Bear:
    1. Spirit Bear can't have illusions
    2. Spirit Bear has mana regeneration

    1. Rabid isn't dispelled by magic immunity
    2. Rabid doesn't increase the caster's and the Sprit Bear's model size

    True Form:
    1. True Form fully disjoints projectile open cast
    2. True Form casting time is slightly too short
    3. True Form adds bonus armor instead of increasing base armor

    Battle Cry:
    1. Battle Cry isn't dispelled by magic immunity

    Luna, The Moon Rider

    Moon Glaive:
    1. Moon Glaive doesn't bounce on Power Cogs
    2. Mone Glaive doesn't bounce on Tombstone
    3. Moon Glaive has slightly too big aoe
    4. Moon Glaive doesnt' malfunction when combined with orb effects

    1. Eclipse's night does not cancel Darkness' night (confirmation)

    Medusa, The Gorgon
    1. Medusa's turning rate is too low

    Split Shot:
    1. Split Shot attacks can miss
    2. Split Shot misses transformation time and thus can't disjoint disables

    Mana Shield:
    1. Mana Shield reduces amount of lifesteal from attacks
    2. Mana Shield blocks Caustic Finale damage, instead of fully ignoring it

    Stone Gaze:
    1. Stone Gaze fully ignores invulnerable unit, so they don't get petrified at the right time when they lose invulnerability before

    Meepo, The Geomancer

    1. Meepo illusions apply Geostrike debuff on attack
    2. Geostrike debuff is dispelled by spell immunity

    Divided We Stand:
    1. Meepo gets the wrong amount of experience when allies are nearby
    2. Meepo clones have wrong priority for boots
    3. Leveling up Divided we Stand spawns the new Meepo clone always next to Meepo Prime, instead of next to the Meepo who leveled up the ulti

    Mirana, The Princess Of The Moon

    1. Starstorm doesn't target magic immune units

    1. Mirana can turn during Leap
    2. Mirana cannot cast spells during leap (no more backwards-arrow possible)
    3. Leap's disjointing part can no longer be countered with True Sight

    --, The Morphling

    Adaptive Strike:
    1. Adaptive Strike knock back isn't instant

    1. The stats passively provided by Morph can't be used for active Morph
    2. Morph is usable while being paused

    1. Replicate should create a hexed replicate when the target is hexed

    Naga Siren:
    Slithice, The Naga Siren

    Mirror Image:
    1. Mirror Image does not remove buffs and debuffs properly

    1. Ensnare does not disable transformation spells
    2. Ensnare doesn't set movement speed to 0

    Song Of The Siren:
    1. Units affected by Song Of The Siren are not affected by various repositioning spells
    2. Units affected by Song Of The Siren are not thrown into the air by Impale-like spells
    3. Song of the Siren doesn't sleep invulnerable units
    4. Song of the Siren interaction with Cyclone effects

    Nyx Assassin:
    --, The Nyx Assassin

    Spiked Carapace:
    1. Spiked Carapace has wrong interaction with Blade Mails and other Spiked Carapaces
    2. Spiked Carapace triggers on too low damage instances
    3. Spiked Carapace reflects and stuns for damage instances which got fully blocked by magic immunity

    1. Vendetta's damage is separate, making it unable to crit/cleave/lifesteal

    Phantom Assassin:
    Mortred, The Phantom Assassin

    Phantom Strike:
    1. Phantom Strike attack speed buff lasts 1 second too long
    2. Phantom Strike triggers Linken's Sphere or Unstable Current

    1. Blur does not turn Mortred's model transparent per level

    Phantom Lancer:
    Azwraith, The Phantom Lancer

    Spirit Lance:
    1. Spirit Lance fake lances from illusions are casted by illusions around the target instead of around Phantom Lancer
    2. Spirit Lance fake lances from illusions cast radius is too big
    3. Spirit Lance doesn't slow attack speed
    4. Phantom Lancer illusions are facing the target of Spirit Lance while playing the Spirit Lance cast animation

    1. Juxtapose creates illusion on succesful attack hit, instead of begin of attack animation

    Razor, The Lightning Revenant

    Plasma Field:
    1. Plasma Field vision lasts too short

    Static Link:
    1. Static Link is castable on Spirit Bear
    2. Static Link damage buff/debuff is removed when resurrecting

    Unstable Current:
    1. Unstable Current purges Tusk before Snowball starts
    2. Unstable Current affects non-hero units
    3. Unstable Current purges before damaging the targets, instead of damaging first
    4. Unstable Current affects units not visible to Razor
    5. Unstable Current triggers on Blink Strike, Phantom Strike and Reality Rift
    6. Razor illusions have fully functional Unstable Current

    Eye Of The Storm:
    1. Eye of the Storm ignores tower's armor type
    2. Eye of the Storm has a different targeting priority on heroes and towers
    3. Eye of the Storm's range against towers is wider
    4. Eye of the Storm armor debuff is removed when resurrecting
    5. Eye of the Storm doesn't affect base filler buildings
    6. Eye of the Storm applies the armor reduction after the damage, and the damage is instant, instead of having a small delay
    7. Eye of the Storm deals slightly too much damage on level 3
    8. Eye of the Storm misses one lightning strike on every level

    Riki, The Stealth Assassin

    Cloak and Dagger:
    1. Backstab deals its damage on succesful attack hit, instead of begin of attack animation
    2. Cloak and Dagger ignores fade time after resurrecting

    Blink Strike:
    1. Blink Strike triggers Linken's Sphere or Unstable Current

    Shadow Fiend:
    Nevermore, The Shadow Fiend

    1. Nevermore gains souls from kills instantly
    2. Necromastery gives souls from targets who have resurrection

    Requiem Of Souls:
    1. Requiem Of Souls spawns wrong amount of lines on death
    2. Requiem Of Souls damage range is slightly too big

    Slark, The Nightcrawler
    1. Slark has incorrect collision size

    Dark Pact:
    1. Dark Pact fully removes Malefice debuff, instead of only its stun debuff
    2. Dark Pact purges Regeneration Rune and enemy Repel
    3. Dark Pact purges knock back effects from spells
    4. Dark Pact purges buffs before damaging Slark, instead of after

    1. Pounce sets the target's movement speed to 0 at the edges
    2. Units can only walk in one direction (towards the center of the leash) when the leash is stretched to its maximum length
    3. Pounce disjoints projectiles
    4. Slark can turn during Pounce
    5. Pounce leash can be broken with several enemy movement spells

    Essence Shift:
    1. Slark continues to gain agi even if target doesn't have any more stealable stats
    2. Essence Shift stats buff/debuff is removed when resurrecting
    3. Essence Shift steals stats before the attack damage is applied instead of after
    4. Losing or gaining stats from Essence Shift doesn't reduce/increase hp/int properly
    5. Essence Shift's "cooldown" is missing (confirmation)

    Shadow Dance:
    1. Shadow Dance cancels channeling spells upon casting
    2. The minimap icon is visible during Shadow Dance
    3. Shadow Dance's passive part is disabled by shared vision
    4. Shadow Dance passive regeneration doesn't linger for 2-4 seconds

    Kardel Sharpeye, The Sniper

    1. Headshot is not blocked by Linken's Sphere (confirmation)

    1. Assassinate debuff on the target has a timer, revealing when exactly the shot is made
    2. Assassinate cannot be disjointed with invisibility (confirmation)

    Mercurial, The Spectre

    Spectral Dagger:
    1. Spectral Dagger movement speed buff is not applied on Spectre's Haunt illusions
    2. Getting on a new Spectral Dagger path causes the buff/debuff of the previous path to get refreshed, instead of creating an own, independant buff/debuff
    3. Spectral Dagger gives shared vision on invisible units
    4. Spectral Dagger's max range when targetting ground is too short
    5. Spectral Dagger's slow/movement boost aoe is too big
    6. Spectral Dagger doesn't affect invulnerable units
    7. Spectral Dagger's free pathing buff lasts 2 seconds, instead of 4

    Templar Assassin:
    Lanaya, The Templar Assassin

    1. Refraction's attack charges are used upon projectile hit instead of launch
    2. Enemies can't see Refraction buff, they should see the buff but not the charges
    3. Damage blocked by Refraction doesn't make Living Armor lose one charge

    1. Meld interacts wrong when the caster has Desolator
    2. Meld is not canceled when affected by spell which instantly change unit position (list of spells in thread)
    3. Attacking a unit affected by Nightmare doesn't cancel Meld
    4. Meld debuff is dispelled by magic immunity
    5. Meld is disabled by Cyclones

    Psi Blades:
    1. Psi Blades spill range is slightly too low
    2. Psi Blades width is too wide
    3. Psi Blades don't spill damage from items like dagon

    Terrorblade, The Demon Marauder

    1. Reflection illusions of Phantom Lancer have Juxtapose and can create illusions with it
    2. Reflection isn't castable on non-hero units

    Conjure Image:
    1. Conjure Image doesn't always create the illusion infront of Terrorblade (1 out of 4 times)

    1. Metamorphosis has transformation time

    1. Sunder heal is not blocked by Ice Blast
    2. Sunder heal is not transfered with Io's Tether, when the heal is below the threshold

    Troll Warlord:
    Jah'rakal, The Troll Warlord
    1. Troll Warlord's turning rate is too low

    Berserker's Rage:
    1. Berserker's Rage adds bonus armor instead of increasing base armor

    Battle Trance:
    1. Battle Trance buff is removed when resurrecting

    Ulfsaar, The Ursa Warrior

    1. Earthshock is purgeable

    Fury Swipes:
    1. Ursa's illusions do not benefit from Fury Swipes
    2. Fury Swipes isn't dispelled by Manta Style/Mirror Image/Phantasm
    3. Fury Swipes debuff is not dispelled by certain spells
    4. Fury Swipes lasts much shorter on Roshan

    1. Enrage cast interrupts Ursa

    Vengeful Spirit:
    Shendelzare, The Vengeful Spirit

    Wave Of Terror:
    1. Wave of Terror range is by 400 units too short

    Vengeance Aura:
    1. Vengeance aura stacks with Alpha wolf's Packleader's Aura

    Nether Swap:
    1. Nether Swap is castable on Spirit Bear

    Lesale Deathbringer, The Venomancer

    Venomous Gale:
    1. Venomous Gale is not dispelled by Mirror Image, Manta Style and Phantasm
    2. Recasting Venomous Gale refreshes the duration, instead of applying a 2nd, independant debuff

    Plague Ward:
    1. Plague Wards are too low priority targets for attacks

    Poison Nova:
    1. Poison Nova's debuff is not dispelled by turning ethereal (confirmation)

    Viper, The Netherdrake

    Corrosive Skin:
    1. Viper illusions have Corrosive Skin

    Viper Strike:
    1. Units affected by Viper Strike are not deniable

    Skitskurr, The Weaver

    The Swarm:
    1. The Swarm beetles ignore evasion
    2. The Swarm beetles have all their own search range, instead of one search range as a group
    3. The Swarm has too little vision and doesn't provide extra vision at maximum range after disappearing
    4. The Swarm should not reduce armor on targets the beetles can't attack
    5. The Swarm decreases armor before dealing the damage instead of after
    6. The Swarm doesn't trigger Reactive Armor, Counter Helix and Moment of Courage

    1. The attack out of Shukuchi has no true strike

    Geminate Attack:
    1. Geminate Attack procs on most wards

    Time Lapse:
    1. Time Lapse returns the caster to position of death with very low hp when used after respawning

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    Intelligence heroes

    Ancient Apparition:
    Kaldr, The Ancient Apparition
    1. Ancient Apparatition has too high minimum damage

    Cold Feet:
    1. Cold Feet pre stun effect is dispellable by various skills (list of spells in thread)
    2. Cold Feet break range is 25 units too short

    Ice Blast:
    1. Ice Blast debuff gets applied on invulnerable units
    2. Ice Blast gets auto-released when Ancient Apparition dies and is getting resurrected
    3. Ice Blast debuff is applied on Meepo clones
    4. Ice Blast map indicator is visible for enemies
    5. Ice Blast's tracer projectile cannot be revealed with True Sight
    6. Ice Blast's debuff is undispellable

    Atropos, The Bane Elemental

    1. Enfeeble is reducing too much damage
    2. Enfeeble is castable on the Spirit Bear

    1. If you manually cast an auto-castable attack modifier on a nightmared unit will transfer the nightmare debuff instead of just waking the target up

    Fiend's Grip:
    1. Fiend's Grip keeps giving Bane mana from targets with no mana left

    --, The Batrider

    Sticky Napalm:
    1. Sticky Napalm shows no above-head indication on invisible units, but it does show on illusions
    2. Sticky Napalm triggers on damage which got reduced to below the trigger threshold and doesn't trigger on damage which got amplified to above the trigger threshold
    3. Sticky Napalm debuff icon shows the number of stacks to the enemies
    4. Sticky Napalm doesn't apply stacks on invulnerable units
    5. Sticky Napalm is fully dispelled by strong dispels, instead of only the slow getting dispelled and the stack count getting remembered and continued on the next cast

    1. Flamebreak does not push units who died from it, resulting in units with resurrection resurrecting in wrong spots

    1. Firefly stops leaving a fire trail after resurrecting
    2. If the caster creates illusions while having Firefly active, the illusions created are not flying units
    3. Firefly has one tick too much

    Flaming Lasso:
    1. Flaming Lasso doesn't destroy trees around the lassoed target at the end of the duration

    Chen, The Holy Knight

    1. Penitence slow is instant, instead of using a projectile

    Test Of Faith (teleport):
    1. Test of Faith teleport works on allied creeps
    2. Test of Faith teleport has no timing indicator

    Holy Persuasion:
    1. Persuaded units can be used to completely block lane creeps and dam them up
    2. Perusaded units don't lose their collision size

    Crystal Maiden:
    Rylai, The Crystal Maiden

    Crystal Nova:
    1. Crystal Nova vision lasts 1 second too long
    2. Crystal Nova debuff is dispelled by magic immunity

    1. Frostbite duration on creeps of level 6 and higher is incorrect (same applies to Entangling Claws)
    2. Frostbite doesn't cancel the target's orders
    3. Frostbite can be cast on flying units

    Dark Seer:
    Ish'Kafel, The Dark Seer

    Ion Shell:
    1. Ion Shell buff is removed when resurrecting
    2. Ion Shell is castable on ancients neutrals
    3. Ion Shell damage doesn't adapt when it gets leveled up while Ion Shells are up
    4. Ion Shell can be casted on spell immune allies

    1. Surge buff isn't dispelled by magic immunity from Lifestealer's Rage, Huskar's Life Break and Black King Bar

    Wall Of Replica:
    1. Wall Of Replica triggers on Meepo clones
    2. Wall Of Replica should not recreate illusions of a hero if that hero has not yet left and re-entered the wall
    3. Wall Of Replica doesn't provide vision
    4. Wall Of Replicate area of effect is too big
    5. Wall of Replica illusions take 400% damage, instead of 300%

    Dazzle, The Shadow Priest

    Shallow Grave:
    1. Shallow Grave is castable on creep-heroes

    1. Weave buff and debuff is removed when resurrecting
    2. Weave starts giving/reducing 1 second after cast, instead of immediatly
    3. Weave affects illusions

    Death Prophet:
    Krobelus, The Death Prophet

    1. Exorcism's spirits do not disappear when the caster moves too far away from them
    2. Exorcism aoe is slightly too small
    3. Exorcism ghosts don't trigger Reactive Armor, Counter Helix and Moment of Courage

    Disruptor, The Stormcrafter

    Thunder Strike:
    1. Thunder Strike damage gets adapted when it gets leveled up while still in effect
    2. Casting Tunder Strike on a unit who is already affected by Thunder Strike refreshes the duration instead of applying a new, independant debuff
    3. Thunder Strike's damage is instant, instead of having a 0.25 second delay after the strike

    1. Glimpse gets canceled while reviving, resulting in wrong position after resurrection
    2. Glimpse does not end Phase Shift
    3. Glimpse isn't canceled by death
    4. Glimpse sends back units too far

    Kinetic Field:
    1. Kinetic Field sets affected units' movement speed to 0 at the edges
    2. Units can't walk along the field's barries at all, they should be able to walk along the barrier
    3. Kinetic Field doesn't push units which are directly on the circle
    4. Several spells can push units out of Kinetic Field (list of spells in thread)
    5. Kinetic Field is visible to enemies during its build-up time

    Static Storm:
    1. Aghanim's Static Storm deals too much damage

    Aiushtha, The Enchantress

    1. Untouchable debuff is dispelled by magic immunity
    2. Untouchable triggers on begin of spell casts targeted on Enchantress, instead of at the cast point of the spells
    3. Untouchable is not blocked by Linken's Sphere

    1. Enchant and Helm of the Dominator's Dominate don't restore mana
    2. Enchanted units don't lose their collision size

    Nature's Attendants:
    1. Casting Nature's Attendants while a previous cast is still active, refreshes the duration instead of starting a new, independant instance

    --, The Enigma

    1. Casting Malefice on a unit who is already affected by Malefice refreshes the duration instead of applying a new, independant debuff

    Demonic Conversion:
    1. Eidolons split instantly, instead of after a short delay
    2. Eidolons have too small collision size
    3. Demonic Conversion can be casted on spell immune allied units

    Midnight Pulse:
    1. Multiple Midnight Pulses stack with themselves, instead of only stacking with Aghanim's Black Hole's Midnight Pulse

    Black Hole:
    1. Black Hole does not move resurrecting units
    2. Black Hole silences items
    3. Black Hole doesn't make affected units face away from the hole's center
    4. Black Hole pulls enemies over impassable terrain and through Power Cogs
    5. Black Hole cancels Hookshot

    Carl, The Invoker

    1. Using Quas, Wex or Exort doesn't cancel Invoker's attacks
    2. Quas, Wex and Exort stats are added to bonus stats instead of base stats

    1. Invoked spells are visible to enemies in Invoker's UI

    Cold Snap:
    1. Cold Snap debuff is removed when resurrecting
    2. Cold Snap is fully blocked by Linken's Sphere on cast, instead of only one instance being blocked

    Ice Wall:
    1. Ice Wall is created too close to Invoker

    [LIST=1][*]Tornado cyclones invisible units, instead of only damaging them after a delay

    1. EMP damages after burning mana, instead of before

    Forge Spirit:
    1. Forge Spirit's Melting Strike debuff is removed when resurrecting
    2. Forged Spirits' Melting Strike consumes mana only when the projectile lands without missing, instead of always at projectile launch

    Deafening Blast:
    1. Deafening Blast does not push units who died from it, resulting in units with resurrection resurrecting in wrong spots
    2. Units pushed by Deafening Blast get pushed through other units

    Jakiro, The Twin Head Dragon

    Dual Breath:
    1. Dual Breath geometry and effect succession has Multiple Issues
    2. Dual Breath fire and slow debuff is dispelled by magic immunity

    Ice Path:
    1. Ice Path's width is 150, instead of 175

    Liquid Fire:
    1. Liquid fire affects and procs on Roshan
    2. Liquid Fire doesn't get applied on already magic immune units and can be dispelled by some spells.
    3. Liquid Fire has too high cast range
    4. Liquid Fire doesn't stack with itself

    1. Macroypyre starting position is wrong

    Keeper Of The Light:
    Ezalor, The Keeper, Of The Light
    1. Keeper of the Light's minimum attack damage is too high

    1. Illuminate's starting position is off
    2. Illuminate changes direction when Ezalor gets moved by a spell or item during the channeling
    3. Illuminate's light ball in front of Ezalor while channeling should be visible if it's not in fog of war, even when Ezalor is in fog of war
    4. Illuminate aggroes neutral creeps when hitting them with it, instead of causing them to flee

    Mana Leak:
    1. Mana Leak doesn't drain mana during Storm Spirit's Ball Lightning

    1. Recall doesn't cancel on self afflicted damage
    2. Recall cancels Cyclone upon teleporting
    3. Recall gets canceled even when the damage was reduced to 0

    Blinding Light:
    1. Blinding Light has no effect delay

    Leshrac, The Tormented Soul
    1. Leshrac has too high turning rate

    Diabolic Edict:
    1. Diabolic Edict area is slightly too big

    Pulse Nova:
    1. Pulse Nova is not deactivated by getting silenced

    Ethreain, The Lich

    Frost Blast:
    1. Frost Blast and Chainfrost slow debuff is dispelled by magic immunity

    Ice Armor:
    1. Ice Armor is not dispelled by Rage and Black King Bar
    2. Ice Armor autocast does not target non-hero units

    1. Sacrifice can't be casted on allied summons (list of units in thread)
    2. Sacrifice grants its mana after the mana cost is applied, instead of before

    Lina, The Slayer

    Dragon Slave:
    1. Dragon Slave has slightly too big aoe

    Lion, The Demon Witch

    Earth Spike:
    1. Earth Spike has a range of 825, instead of 700
    2. Earth Spike is always blocked for Linken's Sphere holders, regardless of being directly targeted or not (confirmation)

    Mana Drain:
    1. Mana Drain doesn't get canceled when the target becomes invisible, but their location revealed

    Finger Of Death:
    1. Aghanim's Finger of Death costs slightly too little mana on level 3

    Nature's Prophet:
    --, The Nature's Prophet

    1. Sprout pushes units off cliffs
    2. Sprout pushes units out of Clockwerk's Power Cogs
    3. Sprout can be directly cast on spell immune allies

    1. Teleportation has too short casting time

    Wrath Of Nature:
    1. Wrath Of Nature affects Spirit Bear
    2. Wrath of Nature cast doesnt reveal Nature's Prophet's position when he targets ground with it
    3. Wrath of Nature's damage is instant, instead of having a 0.25 second delay after each strike

    Rotund'jere, The Necrophos

    Death Pulse:
    1. Death Pulse projectiles in flight deal damage based on the level of the skill when it hits rather than when it was cast
    2. Death Pulse doesn't heal banished units

    1. Sadist triggers on killing units who have resurrection
    2. Sadist doesn't proc when killing illusion, it should consider them as units, not heroes

    Reaper's Scythe:
    1. Reaper's Scythe is castable on Warlock Golem/Spirit Bear/Primal Split/Familiars
    2. Reaper's Scythe stun can't be purged by certain spells
    3. Reaper's Scythe deals too little damage when it kills the target, so that eg Blade Mail reflects too little damage

    Ogre Magi:
    Aggron Stonebreak, The Ogre Magi

    1. Ignite is dispelled by magic immunity

    1. Bloodlust is not dispelled by Rage and Black King Bar

    Nerf, The Oracle

    Fortune's End
    1. Fortune's End uses a projectile, instead of being instant (confirmation)

    Outworld Devourer:
    Harbinger, The Outworld Devourer

    Astral Imprisonment:
    1. Astral Imprisonment intelligence buff/debuff is removed when resurrecting
    2. Astral Imprisonment does not give int to the caster properly
    3. Astral Imprisonment interacts wrong with low int heroes and bonus stats

    Sanity's Eclipse:
    1. Sanity's Eclipse affects illusions

    Puck, The Fearie Dragon

    Illusory Orb:
    1. Illusory Orb prevents neutral creep camps from spawning
    2. Ethereal Jaunt has no casting time

    Phase Shift:
    1. Phase Shift has no casting time

    Dream Coil:
    1. Dream Coil affects Warlock Infernals, Spirit Bear and Primal Split spirits

    Pugna, The Oblivion

    1. Pugna can't attack enemies under the effect of ethereal when having an orb effect (unique attack modifier) (confirmation)
    2. Decrepify can't target Homing Missile
    3. Decrepify can't target Frozen Sigil

    Nether Ward:
    1. Nether Ward is not purgable
    2. Nether Ward Nether Flare can't be deactivated manually
    3. Multiple Nether Wards Nether Flare can affect the same target at the same time
    4. Nether Ward doesn't deal x3 times the mana used as damage against non-hero units
    5. Nether Ward always triggers before a spell actually goes off, instead of being inconsistent

    Life Drain:
    1. Life Drain doesn't get canceled when the target becomes invisible, but their location revealed

    Queen Of Pain:
    Akasha, The Queen Of Pain

    Shadow Strike:
    1. Shadow Strike's projectile speed too low

    1. Blink always blinks the full distance when targeting beyond max range, instead of penalizing to 4/5 of the distance

    Rubick, The Grand Magus
    1. Rubick has too low turning rate

    1. Units lifted by Telekinesis land too fast after the lift
    2. Telekinesis max throw distance is a bit too short
    3. Telekinesis gets canceled by other sources of Forced Movement

    Fade Bolt:
    1. Fade Bolt doesn't have a bouncing limit
    2. Fade Bolt reduces too much damage on Warlock Golem/Primal Split/Spirit Bear
    3. Fade Bolt damage reduction debuff is dispelled by magic immunity
    4. Fade Bolt's damage is instant, instead of having a 0.25 second delay after each strike

    Spell Steal:
    1. Spell Steal steals the current level of the spell, instead of the level on which it was cast
    2. Rubick has slightly higher attack range when in Lone Druid's True Form
    3. Rubick doesn't lose his current stolen spell instantly when using Spell Steal again
    4. Spell Steal misses the overhead notification of which spell got stolen
    5. Stealing Eclipse uses the current level of Luna's Lucent Beam, instead of always using level 4 beams

    Stolen spells:
    1. Rubick uses 0 second cast time for stolen spells, instead of 0.1 seconds
    2. Rubick has too long casting time for Requiem of Souls, Poof and Assassination
    3. Rubick has too short casting time for Anchor Smash, Queen of Pain Blink and Anti Mage Blink
    4. When Rubick uses Vendetta or Shadow Walk, the invisibilty gets canceled on projectile hit, instead of launch
    5. Rubick has too short cast time for Nether Strike

    Shadow Demon:
    --, The Shadow Demon

    1. Disruption visual effect (the sphere) disappears when disrupting an invisible unit

    Soul Catcher:
    1. Soul Catcher debuff is removed when resurrecting
    2. Soul Catcher doesn't stack properly with itself

    Shadow Poison:
    1. Shadow Poison is removed when resurrecting
    2. Shadow Poison interaction with magic immunity is incorrect
    3. Shadow Poison can apply stacks on disrupted heroes

    Demonic Purge:
    1. Demonic Purge is not dispelled by magic immunity
    2. Demonic Purge does not slow attack speed

    Shadow Shaman:
    Rhasta, The Shadow Shaman

    1. Shackles deals damage in too small intervals

    Mass Serpent Ward:
    1. Mass Serpent Wards last 5 seconds too long
    2. Mass Serpent Ward splash damage doesn't hit Power Cogs
    3. Mass Serpent Ward splash damage is magical damage, instead of physical, is blocked by magic immunity and fully ignores armor type and value
    4. Mass Serpent Wards have too small collision size

    Nortrom, The Silencer
    1. Silencer receives stolen int instantly

    Curse Of The Silent:
    1. Curse Of The Silent isn't dispelled when casting Puck's Phase Shift
    2. Curse Of The Silent affects illusions

    Last Word:
    1. Last Word is castable on Spirit Bear
    2. Last Word damages before Dazzle's Shallow Grave, magic immunity, etc take effect
    3. Several Last Word interactions
    4. Last Word's visual effect is visible on invisible targets

    Global Silence:
    1. Global Silence doesn't silence units during Infest and Phase Shift

    Skywrath Mage:
    Dragonus, The Skywrath Mage

    Mystic Flare:
    1. Mystic Flare doesn't count invulnerable heroes

    Storm Spirit:
    Raijin Thunderkeg, The Storm Spirit

    Electric Vortex:
    1. Electric Vortex slows Storm Spirit while he is magic immune or invulnerable

    1. Overload buff on Storm Spirit is purgable
    2. Overload visual attachment on Storm Spirit is visible to enemies

    Ball Lightning:
    1. Ball Lightning cannot be cast during Ball Lightning

    Squee, Spleen & Spoon, The Techies

    Land Mines:
    1. When casting Land Mines ontop of buildings, Techies will stand still and do nothing at the building, instead of placing it infront of the building

    Stasis Trap:
    1. When casting Stasis Traps ontop of buildings, Techies will stand still and do nothing at the building, instead of placing it infront of the building

    Remote Mines:
    1. Equipping Aghanim's Scepter causes all previously planted Remote Mines to get updated

    Boush, The Tinker

    Heat Seeking Missile:
    1. Heat Seeking Missiles are too slow
    2. Heat Seeking Missile aoe is a bit too small

    March Of The Machines:
    1. March of the Machine is centered around the cast point instead of around the caster

    Visage, The Bound Form Of Necro'lic

    Grave Chill:
    1. Grave Chill buff isn't dispelled by Black King Bar
    2. Grave Chill doesn't grant Visage the speed buff when blocked by Linken's Sphere

    Soul Assumption:
    1. Soul Assumption charges on Spirit Bear/Familiars/Warlock Golems/Primal Split spirits

    Gravekeeper's Cloak:
    1. Gravekeeper's Cloak layers are not correctly removed on attacks with multiple damage instances

    Summon Familiars:
    1. Familiars can attack runes and items
    2. Familiars are fully unaffected by stuns, ensnares, entangles, slows and movement speed buffs
    3. Familiars can block each other or push each other away, instead of phasing through each other

    Stone Form:
    1. Stone Form destroys trees upon landing
    2. Familiars have no Stoneform icon when in a group selection
    3. Stone Form goes into cooldown instantly, instead of upon landing
    4. Familiars don't have reduced vision range while in Stone Form
    5. Stone Form doesn't dispell Amplify Damage
    6. Familliars in Stone Form have too small collision size

    Demnok Lannik, The Warlock

    Fatal Bonds:
    1. Fatal Bonds debuff is removed when resurrecting
    2. Fatal Bonds doesn't prioritize heroes

    Shadow Words:
    1. Units affected by Shadow Word are not deniable

    Chaotic Offering:
    1. Warlock Golems have incorrect magic resistance
    2. Chaotic Offering with Aghanim's Scepter spawns the golems at the same time, instead of with a short delay between the 2 golems
    3. Warlock Golem's Flaming Fist aoe is centered around the attacked target, instead of around the attacking golem

    Lyralei, The Windranger

    1. Shackleshot tree angle is incorrect
    2. Shackleshot projectile doesn't stop when the target dies
    3. Shackleshot doesn't latch on invulnerable units
    4. Shackleshot projectile doesn't has flying vision
    5. Shackleshot stuns Roshan

    1. Powershot damage isn't reduced by trees it hits

    1. Windrun slow debuff is not applied on already magic immune units

    Focus Fire:
    1. Focus Fire doesn't give guaranteed full attack speed against the target
    2. Focus Fire doesn't reduce damage from Maelstrom/Mjollnir Chain
    3. Focus Fire interaction with Damage Block is different

    Winter Wyvern:
    Auroth, The Winter Wyvern

    Winter's Curse:
    1. Killing a Necronomicon Warrior under the effect of Winter's Curse causes Last Will to always hit Winter Wyvern, instead of the unit which made the last hit

    Witch Doctor:
    Zharvako, The Witch Doctor

    Paralyzing Cask:
    1. Paralyzing Cask secondary projectile speed is too high and has slightly too little delay between the bounces

    1. Maledict debuff is removed when resurrecting
    2. Maledict affects Spirit Bear/Primal Split/ Warlock Golem and Familliars
    3. Casting Maledict on a hero who is already affected by Maledict from a previous cast, refreshes the duration instead of working independantly

    Death Ward:
    1. Death Ward projectiles don't bounce back to units it already hit

    Zeus, The Lord of Heaven

    Arc Lightning:
    1. Arc Lightning's damage is instant, instead of having a 0.25 second delay after each strike

    Lightning Bolt:
    1. Lightning Bolt's damage is instant, instead of having a 0.25 second delay after the strike

    Thundergod's Wrath:
    1. Thundergod's Wrath is not blocked by Linken's Sphere
    2. Thundergod's Wrath's damage is instant, instead of having a 0.25 second delay after the strike

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    1. Consumables are canceled by magic damage of some spells even when their damage is blocked by magic immunity

    Smoke Of Deceit:
    1. Smoke Of Deceit is dispelled when manually casting orb spells

    Town Portal Scroll:
    1. Teleportation shouldn't consider small filler buildings

    Dust Of Appearance:
    1. Dust of Appearance is dispelled by magic immunity

    Animal/Flying Courier:
    1. Couriers give bounty to the killer even if there's already a dead one
    2. Courier drops Gem Of True Sight and Divine Rapier when killed
    3. Flying Couriers have basic hp regeneration
    4. Couriers don't gain bonuses from carried items
    5. Courier's delivery range is too big
    6. Flying Courier has always 4:30 minutes cooldown, instead of 8 seconds
    7. Animal Couriers immediately upgrade to Flying Couriers upon buying the item, instead of needing it to be in the courier's inventory to upgrade

    1. Multiple not-full Bottles slow couriers too much


    Quelling Blade:
    1. Quelling Blade stacks with lifesteal
    2. Quelling Blade can cut trees in fog of war

    Orb Of Venom:
    1. Orb of Venom debuff is dispelled by spell immunity

    1. Pierce damage type is magical instead of physical


    Gem of True Sight:
    1. True Sight is not disabled when the owner gets paused or hidden

    Shadow Amulet:
    1. Shadow Amulet doesn't retain collision when becoming invisible
    2. Shadow Amulet visual effect and sound plays for enemies
    3. Shadow Amulet can be cast on spell immune allies

    Ghost Scepter:
    1. List of incorrect Ghost Scepter interactions with attack modifiers
    2. Recasting Ghost Scepter refreshes the duration, instead of malfunctioning

    Blink Dagger:
    1. Blink Dagger Blink has no minimal blink range

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    Soul Ring:
    1. Sacrifice does not track mana loss and exceeds mana pool

    Phase Boots:
    1. crits and bashes work during Phase Boots' active ability (confirmation)

    Hand of Midas:
    1. Transmute's effects are instant, instead of using a projectile

    Boots Of Travel:
    1. Teleport can be used on flying units
    2. Teleport can not be cast on Tombstone, but on Tombstone zombies
    3. Teleport does not destroy trees around the hero after teleporting


    1. Headdress Aura affects ancient creeps

    1. Armor Bonus buff is not dispelled by magic immunity from Black King Bar, Rage and Life Break

    Urn Of Shadows:
    1. Soul Release isn't castable on magic immune enemies, and gets dispelled by magic immunity
    2. Soul Release heal doesn't get canceled by Roshan
    3. Soul Release is castable on creep-heroes
    4. Soul Release is castable on spell immune allies

    Tranquil Boots:
    1. Tranquil Boots gets disabled when an attack lands, instead of when an attack starts

    1. Restore armor buff is not dispelled by magic immunity from Black King Bar, Rage and Life Break

    Pipe Of Insight:
    1. Barrier buff is applied on creep-heroes
    2. Barrier buff is applied on illusions


    Force Staff:
    1. Force Staff is castable on self while spell immune

    Veil Of Discord:
    1. Magic Weakness debuff is applied on creep-heroes

    Eul's Scepter Of Divinity:
    1. Eul's Scepter of Divinity's movement speed bonus stacks with itself
    2. Cyclone does not dispel Venomancer's Poison Sting
    3. Cyclone gets prematurely canceled by Glimpse, Recall, Relocate and Meat Hook

    Orchid Malevolence:
    1. Soul Burn is purgeable


    Armlet Of Mordiggian:
    1. Multiple Armlet Of Mordiggian don't stack
    2. Picking up an activated Armlet gives the hp from Unholy Strength
    3. Unholy Strength gives strength in too big and slow intervals

    Shadow Blade:
    1. Shadow Blade and Shadow Walk/Vendetta backstab stack
    2. The attack ouf of Shadow Blade has no true strike
    3. The attack out of Shadow Walk doesn't override crits and bashes

    Ethereal Blade:
    1. Ether Blast is not dispelled by magic immunity or Manta Style

    1. Burn Damage damages Lone Druid's Spirit Bear
    2. Radiance doesn't have a 3 second cooldown for toggling Burn Damage and toggling it doesn't interrupt channeling spells

    Monkey King Bar:
    1. Mini Bash bonus damage is reduced on siege units
    2. True Strike works against Tombstone, Power Cogs and The Swarm beetles
    3. True Strike is not an "orb effect"


    Blade Mail:
    1. Damage Return returns Culling Blade killing blow damage depending on how much hp the target had
    2. Multiple Damage Return don't stack
    3. Blade Mail doesn't reflect damage dealt by wards to their owners (intended, according to a couple of changelogs)

    Shiva's Guard:
    1. Arctic Blast affects units in its whole area as it expands, instead of only the ice ring

    1. Bloodstone gains charges when a unit with resurrection dies in range
    2. Multiple Bloodstones mana regeneration stack
    3. Pocket Suicide has no mana cost

    Manta Style:
    1. Mirror Image doesn't dispel Venomous Gale
    2. Recasting Manta Style destroys the previous illus, instead of creating 2 new ones

    Linken's Sphere:
    1. Spell Block doesn't block Repel casted on you by an enemy
    2. Linken Sphere is castable on spell immune allies

    Heart Of Tarrasque:
    1. Health Regeneration doesn't linger for 2-4 seconds
    2. Health Regeneration doesn't get paused during Primal Split


    Mask Of Madness:
    1. Berserk is purgable

    Helm Of The Dominator:
    1. Dominated creeps dont have Resistant Skin
    2. Destroying/Selling/Building Helm of the Dominator into a Satanic makes the dominated unit die instantly
    3. Dominated units don't lose their collision size

    1. Lesser Maim stacks with Greater Maim
    2. Lesser Maim and Greater Maim debuff are dispelled by magic immunity

    1. Yasha, Sange And Yasha and Manta Style's attackspeed bonus stack with themselves and eachother

    1. Chain Lightning procs when the target is out of range
    2. Multiple Chain Lightning proc chance stack
    3. Chain Lightning's damage is instant, instead of having a 0.25 second delay after each strike

    1. Corruption debuff is purgable

    1. Static Charge is purgable
    2. Chain Lightning procs when the target is out of range
    3. Multiple Chain Lightning proc chance stack
    4. Static Charge is castable on spell immune allies
    5. Chain Lightning's damage is instant, instead of having a 0.25 second delay after each strike

    1. Unholy Rage is purgeable


    Rune Of Double Damage:
    1. Double Damage grants the buff to magic immune units

    Rune Of Haste:
    1. Units with Rune Of Haste buff cannot be slowed

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    Mechanic, units and other bugs
    - Every Game Mechanic and units related bugs, and bugs which can't be categorized anywhere else
    - Separated into 3 main sections
    - Mechanics sorted after stats, defensives, offensives, buffs/debuffs and map related bugs
    - Units sorted after AI-controlled units and player controlled units
    - Others; no specific sorting



    1. Gaining base str or int from levelling doesn't increase current hp or mana properly

    1. Hero denies, suicides and death to neutrals don't properly grant exp and gold to nearby enemies
    2. Dead heroes don't get exp for the kills they make while dead
    3. Exp from global kills is shared with allies close to the kill
    4. Hidden heroes gain experience from denied creeps
    5. Buyback cost is not rounded down to the next closest number dividable by 50


    All kind of resistances:
    Armor, Magic Resistance/Immunity, Damage Block, Ethereal, Invulnerability, Resistance Skin

    1. Negative armor is calculated incorrectly
    2. Invulnerable units are not affected by certain effect of some spells
    3. Hero-only abilities are castable on units with Resistance Skin
    4. Several incorrect interactions with invulnerable units
    5. Attack orders on invulnerable units have no effect
    6. Armor values different from WC3 DotA on some heroes
    7. Invulnerable units (e.g. SotS) are not affected by Voodoo Restoration, Bloodstone heal and Death Pulse
    8. List of debuff interaction with magic immunity

    Invisibility and True Sight:
    1. Wind walk based invisibility doesn't make the caster phased during the fade time
    2. Invisibility breaks on cast point, instead of at the start of the cast
    3. Invisible units bestow auras
    4. Using Invisibility with Fadetime doesnt change previous attack orders into move orders
    5. Shadow Blade invis (and other Windwalk abilities) should be lost on skill/item usage during fade
    6. Multiple sources of permanent invisibility do not stack


    Physical Attacks:
    1. Attack damage and gold bounties are not calculated with different amounts of dice, resulting in less average damage/bounty values
    2. Leaving the Motion Buffer Range cancels melee units' attacks immediatly, instead of making them miss after reaching the damage point
    3. Attack damage is decided at the wrong time
    4. (Forced) attacking ethereal units does not approach the attacked unit into melee distance
    5. Dota 2 Uses Factors Vertical Axis Into Projectile Speed
    6. Dota 2 Missing Up To 0.25 Second Reaction Delay For Auto Attacks
    7. Attack Ground order fully ignores neutral creeps
    8. Flying units can't miss with their attacks when attacking uphill
    9. Melee units can attack across cliffs
    10. Attack ground orders still cause units to attack nearby enemies, even while invisible (confirmation)
    11. If the current attack target enters the fog of war, an already ongoing attack does not get canceled

    Attack Modifier:
    1. General changes to orb effects (unique attack modifier)
    2. Bashes are now consistant between ranged and melee users
    3. PRD chance doesn't increase while on cooldown
    4. Some hero orb attacks have incorrect interaction with ethereal targets
    5. Orb-walking triggers passives that proc upon being attacked
    6. Bashes Should Deal Damage In A Separate Instance
    7. Shadowblade bonus damage should override autocast orbs
    8. Splash damage doesn't hit the primary attack target when the attack missed on the target
    9. Cleave damage no longer deals damage to units with physical damage immunity, e.g. Guardian Angel (confirmation)
    10. Cleave fully affects flying units


    1. Hexed units can pick up/drop items and use runes
    2. Hexed units can gain experience
    3. Hex doesn't pause the duration of transformation spells
    4. Hex doesn't cancel the affected unit's order, so it will execute it after the hex
    5. Hex is castable on summoned units
    6. Push effects (e.g. Power Cogs Zap, Fissure, Ice Shards) are able to push heroes out of impassable spells such as Power Cogs, Fissure or Ice Shards

    1. Purge and Cyclone don't remove negative buffs when used on enemies
    2. Comprehensive list of incorrect Purge interactions

    1. Trees respawn individually after 5 minutes after destruction, instead of every 5 minute of game time together (confirmation)
    2. Trees obstruct vision completely, instead of allowing units to "see through" a bit when very close to trees (confirmation)



    Lane Creeps:
    1. Attacking illusions draws aggro from lanecreeps
    2. Nearby Lane creeps don't aggro a tower when it is about to be denied
    3. Normal and Super Creeps upgrade more than 30 times, potentially passing the power of mega creeps

    Neutral Creeps:
    1. Satyr Tormentor's Shockwave cast logic is wong
    2. Some neutrals have natural mana regen when they should not
    3. Neutrals Should not Spawn with Mana
    4. Neutrals do not sleep at night time
    5. Units banished by Astral Imprisonment or Disruption block neutral creep camps

    Neutral Creeps spells:
    1. Troll warlord's Raise Dead does not expend the used corpse
    2. Raise dead ability from neutral is not auto-castable
    3. Tornado has no collision size
    4. Wildkin Tornados damage effects are stacking
    5. the effect of Troll Warlord's Ensnare is instant
    6. Multiple Forest Troll heals are castable on the same target
    7. Hellbear Smasher's Thunderclap debuff purgeable
    8. Ghost's Frost Attack should have mana cost
    9. Wildwing's Tornado has wrong damage intervals
    10. Black Dragon's Splash Attack should affect Clockwerk's Power Cogs
    11. Vhoul Assassins don't attack multiple targets to spread Envenomed Weapons
    12. Vhoul Assassin's Envenomed Weapon debuff does not apply on spell immune units and is dispelled by spell immunity
    13. Hill Troll Priest's Heal is castable on spell immune allies
    14. Harpy's Chain Lightning's damage is instant, instead of having a 0.25 second delay after each strike

    1. Roshan has way too big collision size, instead of 1
    2. Roshan doesnt flee while hexed and being attacked
    3. Roshan is uneffected by Cyclone/Eul's
    4. Roshan Attack Range is Incorrect
    5. Roshan's Spell Block blocks Windrunner's Focus Fire
    6. Roshan's Illusion Protection kicks in after the attack rather than before
    7. Roshan's upgrade damage is added as bonus damage, instead of as base damage
    8. Roshan does not flee from Death Prophet's Exorcism

    1. Backdoor protection doesn't trigger correctly
    2. Backdoor Protection triggering too early (and possibly under the wrong circumstances too)
    3. Glyph of Fortification doesn't get reset when the first creep wave starts
    4. Base Buildings have incorrect amount of Armor, Health and exp- and goldbounty
    5. Backdoor protection heals too smooth
    6. Heroes who got Towers aggro due to issuing attack on heroes should not lose that aggro by attacking creeps
    7. Fountain Buff doesnt dispel correctly after Tp
    8. Filler Buildings have Backdoor Protection
    9. Towers should select the closest aggressive enemy target when not being under attack themselves
    10. Fountains can't be attacked and destroyed
    11. Glyph of Fortification turns buildings fully immune to damage, instead of granting 99999 armor

    Player controlled:

    Summoned or dominated units:
    1. Summoned units leave corpses

    1. Illusions leave corpses
    2. Illusions can't be denied
    3. Spawn Positions of illusions are off
    4. Illusions don't benifit from base regeneration bonus
    5. Illusions cannot fake-bash (confirmation)
    6. Illusions fully benefit from transformation spells, instead of being created using the default form


    Disconnected Player:
    1. Leavers cannot be "frozen" inside the fountain area

    1. Unit UI is not disabled during banishment, so spells and items can be clicked on during eg Disruption, so that it gets instantly used after the banishment

    1. Items with charges do not get their sellback price changed when their charges get used/are depleted
    2. Shop doesnt provide vision when hero in range

    Event/Action Items:
    Fistful of Snowballs, Pile of Coal, Kindler's Kit


    Sounds and visuals:
    1. Assist stats use a too long timewindow

    Command Issues and control groups:
    1. Follow unit logic is flawed
    2. Selection of Enemy units should be lost when allies no longer have vision on them
    3. Control group selection retains active command cursor
    4. Ordering spells/items/order in succession and shift-queueing behaves differently than in wc3 dota
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