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Thread: my legacy ethereal flame yak lost it's flame particle

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    Unhappy my legacy ethereal flame yak lost it's flame particle

    hello sir,
    i would like to report about my Ethereal Flame Legacy Trusty Mountain Yak(114, 28, 97).when i traded it few years back the ethereal flame particle was fully visible but after few patches the particle is almost non visible.may i know the reason for this?i am trying to attach screenshots but cant find the option, sorry cause i do not use forum much as everything was ok with me till this some kind of bug?please fix the ethereal flame particle so it can be seen like before in game.sorry for bothering Mods, i am really in a panic condition

    steam profile

    here is the picture taken today


    here is the picture taken few years back


    please help me fix it

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    I quoted your issue in my thread:
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