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Thread: [Grimstroke] Ink Swell disarms the target

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    [Grimstroke] Ink Swell disarms the target

    Grimstroke's third ability Ink Swell has quite a number of effects. One of these which seems to be unmentioned in the tooltip is that it disarms the target ally unit. This is arguably as significant as it's silence effect in terms of relevance and should probably be listed in the tooltip if it is intended to happen. This disarm also causes an issue when cast on lane creeps which I will document separately. (thread here)

    Repro steps:
    1. Cast Ink Swell on an ally.

    The ally is unable to attack until the ink swell ends.

    The ally should either be able to attack, or the disarm effect should be listed in the tooltip.
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    Not sure if there was an update since you posted this, but currently it does mention the disarm. Also, use the tooltips section for tooltip issues, not the gameplay bugs section.
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