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Thread: After several attemps to connect, the server did not respond.

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    After several attemps to connect, the server did not respond.

    I have this problem on all of my pc's. Tried resetting my router, verifying cache, running on bin/win32 exe. For short, all of the fixes that is posted online didnt work for me. A great number of people are already having this problem right now. I've tried disabling my firewall as well but still no luck. I hope someone can give me a working fix on this one.

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    Hi, I'm also having this issue right now, after several attempts to connect, the server does not respond.
    It happens to me when I'm finding a match and accepting, the game is just connecting then it occurs.

    Here's the log i've collected from my console maybe it will also help for the devs.

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    Been happening for days, now it's even in custom games.

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    Completely ruined the game for me currently, I've played 4000+ hours of DotA and now I literally can't play because the hour a day I have to find a match or two is being put on the queue ban list because my game won't connect to the server. I've restarted my client, computer, re-logged-in, everything and nothing has helped. I don't have any issues with internet or anything, and i'm pretty pissed.

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