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Thread: bugged account

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    Angry bugged account

    dear valve plz repair bug of mine acc id: 127572941 last year bp lvl 2300 3x ultrarare from t1,2,3...ok im unluck...this year lvl 2500 and drop 1,2,1 ultrarare? and 3x 50lvl????????? this isnt see on 122 videos when opened treasures players form china and us and better average is 1/62 treasures, total average on 122 videos 1/58 no have bug on acc or im from czech spend from valve more than 4000 euro and im 5 year unlucky????plz repair this or me sell mine acc....and silver roshan for lvl 2000 on foto when me buy lvls??????....??????valve send me total lead trash....this year too?for 1 year????
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