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Thread: 2x Intentionally game ruiners, griefers, throwers, toxic players

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    Angry 2x Intentionally game ruiners, griefers, throwers, toxic players

    Steam account (Shadow fiend):
    64 ID: 76561198044322916

    Steam account (Lifestealer):
    64 ID: 76561198068252403

    Match ID: 4107570972

    Reported heroes: Shadowfiend & Lifestealer

    Reason for report:
    * Shadowfiend randoms hero mid draft only to expecting to get mid, when he doesnt get it he comes bot to steal my farmlane. After feeding he sells he's items and afks, this isnt the first time Ive played with this guy and he is doing same shit every time.
    * Lifestealer takes mid only to leave it and go afk in woods, feeds and then sells he's items and afks.

    Intentionally grief, throw and feed from both of them, not enough with that.. they are both VERY toxic.
    (I've played with both before and they are repeating same behaviour every time..... pls get rid of these kind of players, deliver somer 6month bans atleast for once).
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