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Thread: 100% account buyer ruining ranked dota 22

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    Angry 100% account buyer ruining ranked dota 22

    Steam profile (pudge):
    64 ID:76561198126138956

    Match ID: 4107947484

    Reported hero: Pudge

    Reason for report: This guy is 100% account buyer, I can bet my life on it. Ruining ranked matchmaking and Violating ToS regarding steam. Get this fucking lowlife banned, why should everyone suffer because he is incompetent and trash?
    You ban people left and right for 6-24 months, seriously hope u get this fucker banned.

    Edit: Fuck this, I've uninstalled your fucking shit game full of retarded mongoloids wasting my time. I'll just play LoL or Hots instead, where developers are active and do their job properly. Im ashamed that I even installed this fucking garbage game.
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