For example when 1 guy disconnected, and trying to reconnect, dota give notivication for all players in some txt variant near nickname players who's got internet issues when this guy trying to reconnect to the match or nothing not say when he even not online in steam. With this we can know wait him or not.

When some body have electricity issues and pc OFF and player trying to reconnect to dota its take to many time when reconnecting (when 1st run dota 2 after pc log) and this notification show time remeaning to all players when this guy will reconnect to the game. When all will see timer remeaning player reconnect - its decreased chance to unpause game.
When player press button reconnect - its must show time remeaning to al playersl when his pc finish download textures etc. When we see this timer we will wait.
The approximate time plus minus 20 sec.