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Thread: [FINAL THREAD] RANKED-ROLES available to DotaPlus Subscribers only?

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    [FINAL THREAD] RANKED-ROLES available to DotaPlus Subscribers only?

    Obviously, Dota 2 is facing community issue because a lot of players are complaining about the players who didn't behave properly. When the ranked-roles was introduced for beta testing throughout the period till the end of "The International 8" tournament, the ranked-roles can be played by all battle-pass owners. Too bad, ranked-roles is now available to DotaPlus subscribers only. The question is, why for DotaPlus subscribers only and why not available to all players who are loyal to Dota 2 (never change phone number as phone number in ranked can be used to determine the owner is changed or not)?

    Valve introduced the ranked matchmaking must be linked with phone number. Weeks ago, I posted a thread and asked what is the purpose of that phone number and why we cannot give an advantage to player who never change their phone number in a very long time? Now, Valve is giving and showing us this GREEDY ranked-roles which requires the subscription of DotaPlus. Definitely, Dota 2 is now becoming a paid-to-play game because normal unranked matchmaking and normal ranked matchmaking are totally full with "cancerous" and spoilers (smurfs, boosters) that Valve don't want to eliminate.

    Goodbye to Dota 2. I want to quit this stupid game after exactly 7 years of playing (membership of Steam on 13th September 2011) with over 11k hours of gameplay. I am freaking disappointed with your beta-invitation to join and tested the game before it was launched in years ago. What I want to say is, no matter how much experiences or knowledge we have in this game, the developer only aim for profits or money. The developer never be concern with what is happening to the community that being loyal to the game at all. I guess, mmr boosters or account sellers are all best to be supported by majorities communities on the social medias or private sites because they are the best to show and open the blind eyes Valve or Gabe Newell!

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    They take most popular problem in matchmaking and want play on it xD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BEST_ View Post
    They take most popular problem in matchmaking and want play on it xD.
    Go see what people in REDDIT talking about this new change:

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    Many people are complaining about this now.

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