Teleporting spells are currently very inconsistent with their disjoints.

Teleporting spells which don't disjoint:

1. Meepo's Poof
2. Relocate (only disjoints for Io currently, and that only upon teleporting to the targeted point, but not upon teleporting back. Doesn't disjoint for the ally at all)
3. Summon Spirit Bear (The Spirit Bear's Return spell does disjoint. But if you use Summon Spirit Bear to call it back, it does not disjoint)
4. Phantom Strike
5. Blink Strike
6. Nether Strike
7. Reality Rift (neither for caster, nor for the target)
8. Nether Swap (neither for caster, nor for the target)

Enemy teleports:

1. Reality Rift
2. Nether Swap
3. Glimpse
4. X Marks the Spot

Poof, Relocate and Summon Spiri Bear should disjoint upon teleporting. Poof is the only global teleport that doesn't disjoint. Relocate only disjoints for the caster upon teleporting to the targeted point, and not upon teleporting back, and never disjoints for the ally, which makes no sense. Summon Spirit Bear should disjoint, because Return disjoints as well.

Phantom Strike, Blink Strike and Nether Strike are targeted blinks. Non-targeted blinks disjoint, but why not targeted ones?

Reality Rift and Nether Swap would be interesting because they would disjoint for the caster and the target, since both get teleported. X Marks the Spot and Glimpse would disjoint for enemies as well, which adds another layer of planning to these spells.