Right now, Kinetic Field completely prevents Force Staff from moving unts affected by it. The problem with this is:

1. Enemies can still pass the barrier from the outside by forcing towards it
2. Enemies standing close to the barrier, but on the outside, cannot be moved with Force Staff at all, even when they face away from the barrier
3. Force Staff doing nothing at all is in itself a bad behavior. You don't get an error message or anythging, your Force Staff just goes on cooldown and expends mana without doing anything.

Instead of completely disabling Force Staff from working, it should work like Slark's Pounce. Prevent Force Staff from units crossing the barrier itself, stopping upon reaching it.

Here's a comparison between Kinetic Field and Pounce. Pounce allows Force Staff to move the target, but prevents it from breaking the leash, stopping it when stretched to the max. Knietic Field simply makes Force Staff do nothing at all.