Forced movement is currently making Kinetic Field quiet useless, especially when your allies can free enemies with spells like Deafening Blast or Blinding Light.

Kinetic Field should prevent spells from moving units out of it, or into it. Upon reaching the barrier, forced movement should cancel.

Spells which should not be able to breach the field:

1. Vacuum
2. Primal Roar
3. Adaptive Strike
4. Flamebreak
5. Black Hole?
6. Power Cogs
7. Blinding Light
8. Dismember
9. Electric Vortex
10. Deafening Blast
11. Ghostship
12. Headshot!
13. Greater Bash
14. Boulder Smash
15. Geomagnetic Grip
16. Skewer
17. Rolling Thunder

These 17 spells can currently free your enemies from an allied Kinetic Field by knocking them out of the field, which is a sad interaction.

Also, these spells can free the caster out of the field with ease:
1. Icarus Dive
2. Sun Ray movement!
3. Charge of Darkness
4. Rolling Boulder
5. Skewer
6. Swashbuckle
7. Tether

Finally, these spells can move through the field as well, but they can be excused:

Provide invulnerability or spell immunity, so the wall can't affect them:

1. Waveform
2. Snowball
3. Time Walk
4. Ball Lightning
5. Rolling Thunder
6. Life Break
7. Activate Fire Remnant

Height, these spells move the unit over the walls of the Kinetic Field

1. Toss
2. Leap
3. Walrus Kick
4. Telekinesis
5. Pounce
6. Tree Dance
7. Primal Spring
8. Enchant Totem
9. Shield Crash
10. Blast Off

1. Flaming Lasso, spell would break if prevented by Kinetic Field
2. Meat Hook (physical object pulling on target, but could be made to get canceled)
3. Timber Chain (same as Meat Hook)
4. Hookshot (same as Meat Hook)