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Thread: [Terrorblade] Legs Movement

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    [Terrorblade] Legs Movement

    This hero is quite a large unit compared to others such as Phantom Assassin, Night Stalker, Sven, etc. He really looks bigger especially during his metamorphosis form. However, his legs movement really seems like not synchronizing with his body as well because he is walking with an incomplete style of foot not reaching ground. Unlike Elder Titan that walks with footsteps where we can see its foots are reaching the ground first every time. When we look at Terrorblade metamorphosis legs movement, his foots like not reaching the ground and then already proceeded to the next leg. If he really wants to float in the air, then why don't make him 100% floating like Lina or CM with arcana movement? Plus, his metamorphosis transformation style is very ugly as well because Terrorblade is turning himself instead of opening appearing like a huge demonic monster with demon form wings where we can see how Shadow Fiend casts his Requiem of Souls with an opening of huge dark wings!
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