A change needs to be made to AD so that games are more balanced and the outcome is based on skill more so than luck.

The biggest problem with the mode is the randomness factor of being assigned a hero and a position in the drafting phase. The position itself is just the RNG and that's just part of the mode, but the hero shouldn't also be arbitrarily assigned. So often games are imbalanced with teams of Pugna, Axe, TB, CK and Silencer versus a lineup of Alch, Weaver, Riki, Visage and Timbersaw. The game's over before the the picks and it's a waste of time for both teams.

A simple fix for this would be to have the hero selection from the available pool as the first phase of the draft. The person in the first position gets the first choice of hero but last pick of their skill - essentially as it is now, just starting with hero selection. This change would make the games more balanced and consistently more fun. It also adds a level of skill by giving teams the ability to coordinate their lineups based on heroes and skill trees. And like the two extra ultimate skills available in AD, the change should include two extra heroes so the person with the last pick can make the decision to choose between Riki, Slark, or Weaver (or whatever trash is left).

tl;dr - Make AD better by adding a hero selection as the first phase of the draft.