Overwatch add that option for players that can avoid bad players by putting them on their black list! I literally get one single guy that abuse match in the next match even tho i report him and mute him! And it happens a lost in my bracked 3-4k to get same guy that i previously have muted ( and obviously reported or just muted cause he has been toxic or abuse match or he just plays literally like a solo tilted kid (maybe its a kid who knows)), and this option will give chance to good and tryhard players to win games and have fun and avoid other toxic and abusive players! I think we need this cause there are A LOT of players on dota 2 and wont be a problem to find a match for the one that have good atitude vs the one that has been added on avoid list! The good one will find match with good one, the bad one if doesnt fix his attitude he will just wait his chance to fix it if he can... So thats my suggestino!