I'm not sure whether to make this a suggestion or bug report.

Currently Stroke of Fate originates not from Grimstroke's center like most projectiles, but instead from a position offset to his left-hand side. This aspect is certainly intentional in order to add flavor to the hero and align with his visuals.

The issue however is in how the ability determines what direction the 'projectile' moves after the ability is cast. Currently it starts from the preset origin position and moves in a straight line towards the location that the player targeted with their cursor. The issue with this is that the closer that target point is to Grimstroke, the sharper the angle at which the projectile fires. If you target directly beneath Grimstroke (or target his portrait), he will fire the projectile completely sideways out his right-hand side. This is because it originates from his left-hand side and aims towards the center of the hero.

Video: https://gfycat.com/MenacingSelfassuredLeafhopper

It's possible this might lead to some interesting plays where players fake out their opponents into thinking they are casting forward, when in fact it fires in a different direction. To me however, it feels unintuitive to the users on both ends and will probably confuse a lot of people who don't understand how it works mechanically. Even after discovering how it works, it still looks really weird to me and feels more like abusing mechanics than making interesting strategic decisions.

I think a better behavior for this ability would be to retain the offset for the origin point, but always set the destination point to be at the current max range of the ability. This way it always more or less fires off in the direction Grimstroke is facing rather than out to his side.