I've been playing dota 2 since the closed beta, and remember the alpine ursa set being banned for not fitting the game, making it super rare, while back then sets had to fit a certain color scheme and theme, now I think with recent items, this boundary has been pushed a lot, and that set ended up being very exotic and valued .

And while i think the game may not suffer a lot because of it, I do think its unfair that the items that are ( I think objectively) the MOST cosmetic (world changing items, sand dunes, monkey king terrains etc) are all made impossible to obtain.

I imagine its so that the people leveling up the battle pass have some sense of achievement, but I think they could get separate versions of terrains, maybe with some slight changes (like golden immortals vs normal ones), just so that normal people, who dont have the time to level up the battle pass, but still play a lot of dota, have the ability to experience terrains that basically completely change the feel and aesthetic of the game.

My very naive solution/recommendation going forward would be to make a basic version of a terrain available at level 1 compendium, then the upgraded one at a higher level, or maybe make normal terrain quality versions dropable from normal games, so at least there would be a demand satisfied with a short supply and probably a high price on the steam market.