These active attack modifiers can currently be used while silenced

1. Petrify (Ancient Prowler shaman)
2. Infernal Blade (Doom)
3. Tidebringer (Kunkka)
4. Walrus Punch (Tusk)

1. Start your attack with the named attack modifiers
2. During the attack animation, get silenced

For easier repro, start the attack against Enchantress with Untouchable, so you have plenty time to silence your unit

Result: The active attack modifier will activate, despite you being silenced.

Expected: Like all other active attack modifier (Frost Arrows, Searing Arrows, Burning Spears, Glaives of Wisdom, Arcane Orb, Poison Attack, Impetus, Liquid Fire), they should not activate when you are silenced as the attack finishes.