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Thread: [Doom] Make Doom get all 3 spells of Thunderhides and Black Dragons

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    [Doom] Make Doom get all 3 spells of Thunderhides and Black Dragons

    Doom currently does not get the Thunderhide's Slam, and the Black Dragon's Dragonhide Aura, because they are in the creep's 3rd ability slot and Doom only gets the first 2 spells.

    I still feel like this was never a balance decision, but based on the current limit of ability slot (6). But custom games show us that you can give many more abilities to a unit and it works just fine.

    The only issue is hotkeys. But that's not an issue for Devour, since the Thunderhide and the Black Dragon have both 1 passive ability, which does not need a hotkey.

    So the third Devour spell slot does not need a key at all, just put the auras of the thunderhide and black dragon there, and have their actives occupy the current 2 Devour slot, which have hotkeys.

    As you can see in this image, the third slot never requires a hotkey.

    Please, just call me buny.

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