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Thread: [TO ERASE ACCOUNT SALES] 3 months only for removal of associated phone number?

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    [TO ERASE ACCOUNT SALES] 3 months only for removal of associated phone number?

    Regarding the topic above, I think the 3 months penalty for the removal of associated phone number for ranked matchmaking is extremely too short! It is not enough because a lot of players or buyers are able to get their new numbers by buying a new SIM cards from the phone shops.

    What you guys think if the 3 months is changed to at least 1 year or permanent?
    And account with sudden unlinked phone number removal will be penalized to at least 1 year?

    If people still never try to think what's the best point for Valve to implement such a system, then why so many toxic players still can dominate the ranked matchmaking games in Dota 2?

    People always complain and said they might accidentally click the "unlink phone number" and can cause them a lot of trouble.
    But a question is, why Valve don't use the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator to act as a "control centre" for every final decision of the owner of an account?
    Why the final decision is to be decided in the game instead of using Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator which is a powerful final decision tool that can make an owner give no excuse?

    I thought Steam app is an application used by those 13 years old or above. Normally, at such age, a teenager can has his own smartphone already or borrow from his family. If that person is too young, then he is not deserve to join. I am not the one saying 13 years but Valve is the one that set such age on registration page of Steam.

    Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator aka. SGMA is a great design for Steam app and it plays role for the safety of Dota 2 items as well because it helps Steam Support to shut the mouths of many victims of the scammers from keep complaining. Why Valve never do it for the associated phone number to ranked matchmaking? If they do, a lot of account sellers or buyers can face problem, which means that design of associating a phone number to ranked matchmaking to be played as free can be less toxic and known as a successful design.

    But to me, the current design is a failed design.
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    Bump...failed design by Dota 2 team since the Steam Mobile Authenticator doesn't react against in-game stuffs for 100%.

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