I HAVE OPEN MULTIPLE TICKET ON STEAM SUPPORT, they sweep the issue under the carpet, and close without solving anything, i ask for simple deleting dota account from my steam account,

not only sea server is infested with cancerous pinoy players, decision of not letting them have their on server is beyond me, the game is no longer enjoyable, "do unto to others", why not try playing with them yourself, if you yourself dont want to, why we have to?

the last draw for me was the decision to put ranked role que to dota plus,

its literally pay to win,
putting ranked role que against 5 other unorganised team, is giving significant advantage of the other team, pay to win, in every sense,

dota started off as a community game, is now promoting pay 2 win, punishing long time passionate player away, and keeping the toxic base players,

well done,

i will no longer support this game, its not even a community game anymore, well done,

cancer has already spread too far,

from here on, i wont expect anything than worst turn and direction for dota