I am not sure about this one:

If you learn a talent with a hotkey it uses an item or ability with no target you have bound on that button if you have a quickcast on and 'Quickcast on Key Down' off. It also works if you learn an ability using O>Hotkey with the same conditions (doesn't work with leveling it up).

Repro Steps:
1)Bind an item slot or ability quickcast to a key;
2)Put a no target usable item in that slot or get a hero with no target ability on that button;
3)Get level 10;
4)Press your 'Learn Ability' hotkey (default O);
5)Learn a talent with the hotkey you're testing.


1)Bind an ability quickcast to a key;
2)Pick a hero with a no target ability on this key;
3)Press your 'Learn Ability' hotkey (default O);
4)Learn the ability you are testing (doesn't work with leveling it up).

After you let go of the button you used to level up your talent or ability you will cast your ability/use your item.

Expected Result:
You should learn the talent/ability and nothing should be cast after you let go

This behaviour doesn't make sense and is harmful gameplay-wise, but I can see if this is intended. It is similar to having an ability or item with cast target on alt+hotkey, holding alt when you pick a target and a ping going through at the same time with that command.