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Thread: Create a server for Brazil only

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    Unhappy Create a server for Brazil only

    Dear Valve, we have a problem here. We are the only country in South America to speak Portuguese, we are surrounded by Spanish speakers. The big problem is that although these countries have the server of Chile and Peru, apparently none of them play the. They put the game with the primary language into English and so fall into the Brazilian server.

    The big problem of this is that they refuse to communicate in English, which would be the common language between Portuguese and Spanish. This type of attitude is making the game intoxicating simply because they have 2 types of players who can not communicate with each other.

    Please see the possibility of a server only for Brazil or do something about the allocation of players with different primary languages.

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    The problem is not about language itself, but the psyco issues.

    Brasilians dont like Castellanos (JAJAS) beacause they are really toxic, childsh and ass fool players.
    Not because they speak Spanish or refuses to talk in English.

    If You simple disagree them in only one thing, they go full rage mode and start to feed or troll.

    I think VALVE must implement a even more STRICT REPORT SYSTEM to punish people that dont obey the rules.

    Playing in RANKED games must be more respectful.
    Ass fool people must go to low priority even more and with more games required to get out.

    Implement a behavior checking system is very easy.
    If it's not, delegating Moderators would be the right way.

    I remeber when GARENA had Moderators in the Ladders.
    People that get caught cheating or misbehavior get punished by REAL humans.
    You just needed to open a report and the replay was analyzed.
    With the confirmation of the violation of rules or cheating, the user was punished.

    Valve could implement a Hierarchy of moderators to analyze reported replays.
    So league or tournaments would be checked by high level moderators.
    Not only by some.

    I go even further, a tool on the platform for users to vote whether or not someone violated any rule in the replay.
    By placing small clips as the evidence in the report, users could vote knowing what happened.

    And the punishment would be filtered by the moderators who would only indicate to the system that violation was found.

    Thus the report system would remain autonomous, based on the current algorithm but with the inclusion of an additional weight, based on this report of the moderator.


    Things are getting pretty unsustainable.
    Players have no incentive to play ranked in brackets from herald to archon.
    Toxic players simply ruin matches without any punishment.

    And I started a thread denouncing that PLAYERS ARE ABUSING OF ELO JOBS to rise they MMR by paying for that.
    It's not SMURF ACCOUNTS anymore, people dont sell accounts, but pay for rise then.

    You can see that a player has skills above the average on some bracket.
    Not that he is real good, but that he is playing against people with less experience.

    I think that account must find matches not based on MMR but skill level and so get in higher MMR matches to desincourage this situation.

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