None of the 7 dragons Dragon Knight owns have real custom animations. They are all identical.

However, some of the dragons do have more animations (e.g. turn animations which makes their turning look smoother)

Currently, Bitterwing, and Dragon of the Outland Ravager are the only 2 dragons with these turn animations:

1. dragon_turn_center
2. dragon_turn_left
3. dragon_turn_right
4. center_pose
5. left_pose
6. right_pose

Add these to the other 5 dragons, too (including the default dragon)

Also, Bitterwing is the only dragon without wings_loop animation

Also, Bitterwing and Dragon of the Third Awakening are the only ones without generic_channel, and are the only ones who still use the old Breathe Fire animation


The dragons could generally make use of some more animation. Currently, the dragons do not have:

1. stunned anim
2. flail anim
3. death anim
4. spawn anim
5. teleport anim (+ teleport end anim)
6. victory anim
7. defeat anim
8. force staff anim (+ force staff end anim)