1. I want to talk about Tournaments and patches.

I watched many movies and one of those were about documentary tournaments and cartoon like Cars 2. In Cars 2 were tournament about new ECO-Petrol Allinol. So, what i'm telling about it's pro gamers will play Dota 2 with new patches in tournaments to look how patches work. And before release of patch, players can be only inviting to Beta-Test patches and give them feedback about it. So it would be more balanced patches

2. Ban except Low Priority

Why do you play CS:GO and for leaving, killing teammates, you've got so many kick and etc. you are giving ban except Low Priority. You are playing Dota 2 with prisoners who are playing worse than any noob, i mean low priority in the game, it's like prison in real life - you will be pay moral to play it and players just ednure playing with bad players who never take a break from Dota 2. If there are a bans for 7 days except low priority, Dota 2 gamers could take a break for 7 days and it would be much better community.

3. GG in MMR

In Dota 1 you could write -ff and if all teammates say it than you will lose the game. This function we have in lobby, you writing GG and after 10 seconds you are losing. Why can't you do GG at all games(MMR, All Pick and etc.) like in CS:GO when nobody knows who exactly pressed F2 for just continue to play. People again will not to have suffer to watching how are you losing.

I want to tell, isn't community in CS:GO much better than Dota 2 because of those functions up there?