Every time I come back to dota, I remember why I left.
It's the community, mostly from other regions that don't have the same culture or simply refuse to speak a common language on the West EU servers (the servers I usually play on).
Where I'm from, you don't start screaming at players that they suck before the first pick has even begun.
We don't usually play the same way either, causing a big shout hysteria of who's mother is the worst etc, usually in a foreign language.

All I want, is a default off, optional feature to check/tick in the "Select region" option:

[x] Strict geographically locked Matchmaking to the selected Zone
All it does, is according to best effort - try to determine where I am, and where the peers I get matched with have the same geo location.

Diversity in all honor, learning new ways to play/think and communicate is great. But some times you want to feel like you share the same goal and can focus on the game rather than having to struggle with language barriers, conflicting views on how things should be done, how team dynamics are supposed to be and how to best direct the team communication wise (Swedish people usually being more soft toned in theyr directions, further east is more demanding/shouting/cursing people to do things).
And not everyone from outside the selected zone is a struggle to get along with, and there's people in my own zone that are complete assholes as well.. But it's a lot easier to stylistically play with the assholes who at least defaults back to the same structural way of playing and common languages and ideas of how things are executed step by step.

All I'm asking is, add a hidden tick box under advanced right under "Strict solo ranked matchmaking". That's default off.
Make it a dota+ feature, i'd be more than happy to pay for it. That + the role when queuing up is the best thing since sliced bread.

(I most likely won't read any responses, because there's bound to be a shit storm of racism blaming and bigotry without understanding the background where I come from, who I am or the research I've done in the matter. And no, I do not hate people outside my own little bubble/space, if anyone want a serious discussion on the topic I'm all ears. But the above problem is a problem, and I simply would like the option to opt out and solve a problem many complain about without forcing people into boxes / the same solution).

Have a great weekend everyone!