Just played a couple of rank-up games, two or three of which contained at least two people doing placement games.
I get it, they need to play with people from every rank to determine where they fit.

But NOT with people who try to have a fair rank up game..
It's like playing the lottery, either they're in the right rank, above or WAY below.
Especially in the first games they appears to end up around Crusader, which is a dread to get out of at the moment.

I could summarize the times I've played against Legend 2+ and walked right over them.
Then my rank up games start and I get two unplaced players, two people who refuse to communicate in a language that is common for the selected zone and bam. 10 games lost in a row and you're down below rank up games again.

It's not a rant just because I'm mad. This is a rant because the system needs a minor tweak.
Do not place unranked people in games where people depend on people being of the same caliber to have a fair chance of tanking up.
Solo queuing is broken af* at the moment in lower tiers.