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Thread: Higher Zoom Height: A Feature

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    Why are there two threads about the same thing? http://

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    I think this feature is useful for broadcaster as they will provide us a wider view of the action.

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    Why shouldn't I be able to zoom out the whole map? Zooming out is easy on the graphics. Whoever told you that zooming out improved art or gameplay was making it up.. Think about it... zooming restrictions are restrictiive and 44% yes pleases vs 55% dont really cares says 1 thing and it's not, "That 55% not bother is a real tidal wave of opinion." AND BESIDES, this is the dev forum not the gameplay forum. Hold a vote here as binding and you're just messing

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    Just for spectators mode please.

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    this is more of a balance issue rather than an interface issue, and you should discuss this over at
    there are certain issues with camera distance modification on the metagame, for instance: dodging a pudge hook or mirana arrow

    with that said:

    why cant people learn to hone the skill of camera movement? its an important skill for
    many aspects of the game like juking, chasing, spell casting and spell dodging.

    i feel like this thread is more of QQ'ing on how hard dota2 is and how people want it to be easier.
    if youre an original dota1 player, you wouldnt even cosider creating this thread because
    youve already learned the skill camera management. for the newcomers QQing about this,
    your statement is similar to a person asking for a magina nerf because hes too OP yet you dont
    know, or have not learned the skill in countering him.

    the camera was set that way for you to learn map awareness.
    if youre pushing a lane with your team and an enemy sandking (where you have vision btw, because "the fog is there for a reason" argument is invalid)
    is about to epi > blink into you team, as tiny with a blink dagger, you either
    A: are too focused destroying the tower to not notice sandking (where you have vision btw), he epis, boom, half your squad is dead
    B: you saw him on the minimap, moved the camera to his location and sees hes casting epi, blink > avalanche > toss, you just saved your team


    C: you were too much of a pussy to learn camera management, instead downloaded a hack to zoom out,
    sees SK casting epi because hey, you can see everything at this point, blink in > ava > toss, you just saved your team.

    Now tell me, did your camera management skills save you team?
    Were your map awareness so good that you saved your team?
    Did you even have that super awesome skill that you felt SK was nearby casting epi?

    no, you did it because your map awareness was changed to an "easier" and "funner" version

    newcomers dont just come into a game and demand changes because the game doesnt suit
    their wants and needs. if youre going to QQ about the zoom level, at least make a
    decent paragraph explaining how justified the zoom out level is and how it will affect the
    gameplay. dont just be that asshole that says "OMG CAMERA SO CLOSE, BUFF PLS!!!!!!!111!111!!!"

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    I like it how it is now. There will always be crying about this. Camera movement is one aspect and makes a huge different.

    Second: Valve would be stupid to change that, because the further out the less you can see custommodels = no one would buy anyhing = no money.

    Third: If IceFrog wanted to change camerazoom then he would have done this long time ago in Dota 1. If you want to give a suggestion go to

    Last: Dota 2 will be free to play, no need to buy it dude.

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