When I started Dota 2 a little while ago, I was greeted with a message congratulating me for purchasing The Llama Llama Courier...only problem is I didn't.

Thing is, I did buy him last year (July 30th, 2017), and discovered I had accidentally bought a duplicate (oops), but I finally put him on the Market after a while (May 13th, to be exact).

I DON'T think my Steam account has been compromised, since there's no mention of this on the Steam Purchase History or Market History.

The Market History DOES say that it expired on October 27th. The last time I played Dota 2 was October 18th (a month ago, actually).

As I typed this, I figured out this is probably a bug/error with Steam Market Listing Expirations where when an item is returned to your Inventory because it didn't sell after a certain period of time, it erroneously says in-game that you bought it. It should say that the Market listing has expired and the item has been returned to your Inventory instead.

Should I post edited screens of my Steam transactions as proof?