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Thread: [Brewmaster] Refreshing Cinder Brew on enemies does not update to current level

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    [Brewmaster] Refreshing Cinder Brew on enemies does not update to current level

    When you recast Cinder Brew onto enemies, but with a higher level, it refreshes the debuff but does not update it to the new level.

    This goes for the self-attack chance and the ignite dps.

    1. Create 2 identical enemy heroes
    2. Create 2 Brewmasters
    3. Level up Cinder Brew to level 1 on one Brewmaster, and level 4 on the oth er
    4. Hit one of the 2 enemies with the level 1 Cinder Brew
    5. Now hit both of them with the level 4 Cinder Brew (make sure it refreshes the level 1 debuff from step 4)
    6. Make the 2 drunk heroes attack for a while
    7. Make sure to constantly refresh the Cinder Brew debuffs on both targets, don't let them expire
    8. Check how often the self-attack triggers for both

    Result: The enemy who got initialy debuffed by a level 1 Cinder Brew triggers the self-attack way less than the other hero. Refreshing the debuff with a new level does not update the debuff.

    Expected: The debuff should update on refresh. Same goes for the ignite debuff.

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