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Thread: Non-stop crashing since 7.20

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    Question Non-stop crashing since 7.20

    As the title says, I've been experiencing non-stop crashing since 7.20's release. I've followed all the steps here to no avail. The crashes are random and frequent. The game enters a hard lock and must be killed via task manager. No dump logs are generated.

    I've attached dxdiag, video, and machine_convars below. I've no autoexec. I cannot use the forums attachment manager, as any attempt to upload files doesn't show them.


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    It's probably related to your Visual Studio installation. Is it VS2013? cannot tell, you did not provide a list_my_programs.bat output.
    VS telemetry stuff is crashing, you should: Help - Send Feedback > Settings - Visual Studio Experience Improvement Program = No
    This might also help - and/or upgrade/reinstall/uninstall VS.
    Gaming should be separated from work stuff such as VS via multi-boot / virtual machine - else you never know when something breaks when stuff like appverifier hooks games it shouldn't, imho.

    Make sure you add Steam and DOTA to your AntiVirus / Firewall exceptions!
    After big patches executables are changed significantly and lame solutions won't auto-trust the new ones.

    I also suggest disconnecting any usb devices other than mouse and keyboard for troubleshooting, and adding DOTA launch option: -nojoy

    Not sure you've followed all the steps there, like testing stability and then removing overclocking software as it can cause crashes by itself
    It's meant to find the stable sweet spot, and then flash it, not fiddle with it perpetually, imho.

    Finally, these launch options might help with the hard locks: -noexecheck -nobreakpad -nocrashdialog -disablehangwatchdog -noloaderlockprobe
    But you have to be patient, don't alt-tab, don't press keys, don't move mouse until DOTA interface is shown

    Provide more useful data if this post won't help fix it

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    Hi, thanks for replying.

    I turned off telemetry in VS (It's 2017, and also, I really wish you would opt-in, not out of that stuff...) and added your launch parameters, thankfully I managed to run for a full 30 minutes without crashing in a bot game. The only questions I have now is, is there a launch parameter in particular that is making my game hang/lockup if I alt-tab? (even in borderless window?) I often have 10+ minute queues and its a bit tedious to wait that long in the menu for a game.

    EDIT: I did crash while playing an actual player game, however it occured after 38 minutes.

    I've uploaded my programs here:

    Some of the information might not be accurate, for example, on startup only my Google update core and Windows Defender are launching.
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    You either play shitload of Pathfinder: Kingmaker , or that game is an absolute mess crashing so much
    Just as I suspected it, this is clearly not just a DOTA issue - so many crashes logged, both games and applications - your software configuration is messed up real bad.
    Gaming and working never mix well on the same PC, same OS, same user account. You could have at least used a different account, if not put VMware Player to good use.
    Too late for that now. Most people would not even bother troubleshooting that mess and start fresh with a clean OS install, as no developer will provide support for system-wide unstable configurations.
    But if you need to salvage your current spaghetti you have to remove some of the known and less known crash-inducing sources:
    - Application Verifier - the prime suspect as it can hook any executable and lead to crashes. First launch it and delete any saved profiles, then disable it / uninstall it!
    - NaturalPoint & TrackIR stuff - physically disconnect the usb device as it can conflict with games; close the software / even uninstall it for troubleshooting
    - PCSX2 & other emulators, specially joystick stuff - physically disconnect adapters, uninstall drivers and software as Steam do not like them
    - ShiftWindow - uninstall, Valve games in particular do not like window manipulation software one bit!
    - BitRaider Streaming Client - can trash Steam connection, uninstall (most EA games using it can disable the use of it for example:
    - TeamSpeak - disable it's in-game overlay feature!
    - TAP-Windows - modem adapter hack can adversely affect Steam, uninstall it for troubleshooting
    - PunkBuster - anticheat hook that can conflict with VAC, uninstall it for troubleshooting
    - Intel Hardware Accelerated.., EVGA Precision, CPU-Z, HWMonitor - remove all such programs with external kernel drivers since you are experiencing crashes
    - Malwarebytes must go, as it conflicts with Defender. Or both it and Defender, and replace with something competent such as Avira (preferred as it does not hinder games) or BitDefender.
    - CCleaner must go, or at least disable it's Active system monitoring and any clean options touching Steam (both Microsoft and Valve discourage the use of such software in Windows 10).
    - Adobe Acrobat DC - shitty software as always, has some lame hooks that can cause issues.
    Might help, might not. I would setup a dual-boot configuration and install a fresh OS, then test stability with prime95 and memtest86 just in case RAM got bad or the BIOS settings need adjusting.
    Not much else I can help with, I've already done more than the purpose of this game-specific forum, other places on the internet might be better suited for generic pc crashing.

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