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Thread: Low Priority Feedback

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    Low Priority Feedback


    I've been trying to get out of Low Priority for several months now.
    No matter what I do, Carry/Support or Communicate/Not communicate, I can not win games.
    My last 3 games today, we had 1 player farming jungle all game as legion rarely joining teamfights and helping, 2nd game we had 2 players who remembered eachother and where simply insulted eachother all game with one following the other to get in his way/annoy him/threatening to cut out his eye, 3rd game we had a Razor feeding and sitting in fountain most of the game.

    Game ended and Razor was 0-8 lvl 9 while I was lvl 13 as a support to give you some idea.

    Any advice is welcome, it's like no matter what I do, I get toxic teammates, AFKers or intentional feeders, I'm not saying that lightly either.

    Low Priority needs a rework, it's extremely unbalanced, the other teams I verse never seem to have any issues and seem very good.
    I'm always put with players who don't want to work as a team.

    Getting to the point I'm considering just making a new dota account, I just want to play the game, not have to deal with stressful clowns all the time.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

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    i have same ranked games, and calibration games. I not remember when i can pick carry, always suporting low skilled players, and cores don't know what nitems need buy and how move on map. Not only LP need rework, this lp better remove from the game. And found other way to punish game ruiners. Coz in lp peoples go when gett many reports on their account, not coz they game ruiners, or feeders. And reports you can get in match when some low skilled player rreport you, coz his dota knowladge on low level.

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