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Thread: [Vengeful Spirit] Venge sometimes double swaps

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    [Vengeful Spirit] Venge sometimes double swaps

    As venge, if you cast swap on yourself just after swapping with someone, there is a good chance you will have a second swap, with both heroes at their original positions.

    This does not happen every time, but I had several repros using venge 's demo:
    - start demo as venge and level up to 6
    - Spawn an enemy
    - Cast swap on this enemy then, after the swap, immediately cast swap on youself. Ignore the icon saying that you are not a valid target for swap.

    There is a good chance you swap again with the enemy.

    Additional info (just in case it is useful):
    - When the repro does not work, you get message "Ability can't target self" at the bottom of the screen
    - When the repro works, you get message "Recharging" at the bottom of the screen

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    Don't spam it on a target. Every spell behaves like this.

    If you give your unit an order during another ongoing order (e.g. the cast time of another spell), the new order gets queued up. What happens here is, you give here another swap order during the cast time of the current swap, so it gets queued up and then used again.

    It's not a bug. Orders getting queued up like this is intended.
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    Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense.
    Queuing orders is almost never a problem as most abilities have a cool down. Swap used to have one (between every casting); I would have preferred Valve just to divide swap cool down by two.
    I am now working on NOT spamming swap.

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