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Thread: Dota 2 Matchmaking Bug

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    Angry Dota 2 Matchmaking Bug

    Hello! I tried to play games with my friends lately. But the matchmaking seens like worst then ever. One example of this is the screen below.
    Radiant Team: Immortal, Dinvine V, Divine IV, DIvine II and Divine I
    Dire Team(mine): Divine II, Divine I, Ancient V, Ancient V and Legend III.
    No doubt that you have a bug in the game matchmaking, which makes us discouraged in playing.
    Sorry for the bad english!

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    I think Valve is intentionally trying to kill Dota 2 off now so that they can get more people into Artifact. They don't try to improve Dota 2 anymore. All we see are sub-par balance patches and nothing else. No QoL improvements, no matchmaking revamp, no report system revamp, no bans for cheaters/account buyers/account sellers. Valve has stopped giving a shit. They've made their money and now they're moving on.
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